23 February 2013

The Newlywed Game

1. Who does the laundry in your home, you or your spouse? Any good stories?
Mr. B: We both do. My wife shrinks my expensive designer clothes
Mrs. B: Both. Gas Chamber clothes are all on him though and he pisses me off when he puts his sweaty PT clothes on the floor.

2. If your spouse had to eat at one restaurant for the rest of their lives, what would he or she pick?
Mr. B: Food.... This is like a loaded f'in question right here.... There is never one mainstay no matter what mood she's in that she'll eat.
Mrs. B: Chef's 105. (Where we went for our reception and anniversary).

3. Are you or your spouse better at cooking? Any good stories?
Mr. B: Oh I'm better at cooking.... Let's see what story do you want, the rice pilaf that tasted like poop because she left the spice pack out, or the welcome home cake that was a muffin shaped rock....
Mrs. B:...... He is.

4. Which one of you is more concerned about their "fashion"?
Mr. B: I would say she is for the most part. Me I'm good with a North face shirt, pair of Sevens pants, Patagonia, and my chucks.
Mrs. B: Depends on what's going on I guess.... I'd say he is, unless we're going to an event then I can never find anything decent to wear....

5. Ideally, if you don't have them already, when does your spouse want to have children?
Mr. B: N/A
Mrs. B: N/A {We have two awesome boys}

6. Who planned dates when you were dating? And what was one of your favorites?
Mr. B: I didn't know anywhere around here, so she mainly planned them. New York City for Thanksgiving.
Mrs. B: I did. My favorite was Jamestown over Easter, when I first met his family.

7. What's been the toughest part of being a newlywed?
Mr. B: Having a baby after 9 months of being married, deploying a month after getting married.
Mrs. B: Still learning how to live "together" and not independently.

8. Who is the best with the finances?
Mr. B: Her.
Mrs. B: Me.... I track every little penny....

9. Who is the strict one?
Mr. B: We share that responsibility.
Mrs. B: ...... I'd say I am.... He's lax on a lot of things.

10. What will you plan to do for your first anniversary? Or if you've already celebrated your first anniversary, what did you do?
Mr. B: Chef's 105 for dinner
Mrs. B: Chef's 105 AND was able to drink since I wasn't 2 weeks preggers!!!

BONUS QUESTION: Assuming you were expecting something a little special for Valentine's Day (as in y'all planned on doing something, giving something, etc), how did your spouse do? Share it! Again, PG people, please.
Mr. B: We had s*x, but I had to work for it, I just traveled 17 hours and she was complaining that it was 230 in the morning and had a rough day with the kids and was waiting up for me the entire time....
Mrs. B: SMH..... He did great, drove up 17 hours and walked up at almost 3am with champagne, a card, roses and a pandora bag (that had a charm with the infinity symbol on it).... But ya I was exhausted.... ;)

Mr. B: Next question. 
Mrs. B: That's it. Only 10 questions.
Mr. B: Well damn, I was just getting into this and usually I don't like these question games...


  1. Definitely agree about the finance question, I am the money manager. :)

  2. LOL. This was one of the funnier ones I have read! Thank you so so much for linking up! I am so glad that you and your husband enjoyed doing this together! He is pretty hilarious in all of his answers! I've never heard of Chef's 105... I'll have to look that up. Ohh.. and NYC for Thanksgiving Day sounds like so much fun. I've always wanted to see that parade live! =)

  3. LOL, def. answers from a married couple. :)

    Visiting today from Sunday Sync.

  4. Oh I love Pandora and got another charm from my hubby this Valentine's Day, too!! Thanks for linking up and happily following you!! :)

  5. haha this is great! Glad you guys liked in!!!


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