31 January 2013

Giveaway: Military Love, Love or Proud American Necklace, Winners Choice, from Moonstone Creations Jewelry!

Please welcome Marine Wife's newest sponsor Tessa, creator, owner and visionary jewelry artist of Moonstone Creations!

Her work can be customized to your life, wants and occasions!

Moonstone Creations is giving one lucky winner the opportunity to choose and win One of Three Beautifully Handmade Military Love, Love or Proud American Necklaces!

 photo il_570xN355259248_tm73_zps1ae58465.jpg
 photo il_570xN419273892_9e59_zps8659b148.jpg
 photo il_570xN391239782_ms9c_zpse60ce3f2.jpg
Moonstone Creations specializes in unique handmade inspirational jewelry that includes natural gemstones. All jewelry purchased online at the Etsy store will ship in a gift box with gemstone note cards detailing the healing properties of the natural gemstones used. 

In Tessa's words: Moonstone Creations is my full time job. I couldn't be happier waking up everyday to do the things that I love, and I am so thankful for each and every customer who help me to live this dream!

Please stop by and view her Business Page HERE and Facebook Page HERE to see all of her beautiful items!

Her work is eye-catching and charming. She makes necklaces, rings, key chains, tie clips and more for occasions ranging from weddings, babies, awareness's, to Military Love.
These are some of my favorite pieces she has. (But there are so many more that I love too!)

 photo il_570xN352864096_3bpb_zpsfcb8f425.jpg
 photo il_570xN416466061_993a_zpsc983358d.jpg
 photo il_570xN419278503_bxyo_zps17e9d1cb.jpg

 photo il_570xN364601587_o41m_zps45af3032.jpg
 photo il_570xN420146360_thun_zps75e5e936.jpg

 photo il_570xN345136170_zps2bf10bdd.jpg
Follow the Rafflecopter entry below and enter all of the entries for a better chance to win! 
(Some you can enter daily for a better chance to win!)  

All entries will be verified at the end of the giveaway.

Good Luck!
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30 January 2013

Giveaway: Yellow Ribbon Military Love Birds Travel Mug for ANY Military Branch from Vozarts Studios!

Let's give a heartfelt welcome to Marine Wife's newest sponsor, Kate a S/O to an Army Paratrooper, the owner, creator and designer of Vozarts Studios!

 (She also paints ribbon birds for Police Officers and Firefighters!)
 photo il_fullxfull376192991_kfbz_zps64ab7089.jpg
 photo il_fullxfull334342069_zps595836f0.jpg

This mug holds 11.0z of liquid and is double wall insulated to keep your beverage at the perfect temperature for a longer amount of time. This travel mug is approximately 5.75” tall, 3.5” in diameter at the rim, and 2.25” in diameter at the base. **This listing also includes a silicone black lid**
 *Kate can create ANY Military headgear for all Military Branches!*
***Kate is ready to personalize the travel mug with a name(s) and date if you so wish. She can also paint to your color palette!***

This porcelain and functional art piece is perfect for wedding gifts, birthdays, holidays or a special gifting to say that you love someone eternally. The non-toxic paint is fused into the porcelain through a heat process, prolonging the lifetime. 
**We recommend hand-washing this porcelain mug** although it is cured through the heat process. This porcelain mug is also environmentally friendly (one of the most popular green products) and prevents all the waste of throwing away paper coffee cups!

Please stop by and view her Business Page HERE and Facebook Page HERE to see all that she has!

Vozarts Studios makes so many wonderful designs on glassware, home decor, and even vinyl car decals!!!
See something you like that you want done on another item, have an idea of another layout you want? Let her know!

 photo giv_zps364b02a5.jpg
 photo il_fullxfull421319026_rldb_zpsf1b937d1.jpg
 photo il_570xN343749991_zpscf7ceed5.jpg
 photo il_570xN256033925_zps2ce1994c.jpg
 photo il_570xN376169187_6wqa_zpsa7983c90.jpg
 photo il_570xN398088826_byhl_zpsc0573890.jpg
Follow the Rafflecopter entry below and enter all of the entries for a better chance to win!  (Some you can enter daily for a better chance to win!)  

All entries will be verified at the end of the giveaway.

Good Luck! 

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29 January 2013

Giveaway: Dog Tag Love Necklace with Charm or Charm Bracelet, you choose from Shelly's Creations (And Nametapes)!

Please give a warm welcome to Rachele, a fellow Marine Wife & Mommy who owns, makes and creates a wide variety of Military Love and Support items at  
Shelly's Creations (And Nametapes)

 Shelly's Creations (And Nametapes) is giving one lucky gal the opportunity to win a choice between a Dog Tag Love Necklace with Charm or a Custom Made Charm Bracelet for ANY Military Branch!

 photo 224258_463155233706703_1231890639_n_zpsd3d7e251.jpg
 photo 533307_382530685102492_1810208967_n_zpsd6fe04d8.jpg

Please stop by and view her Facebook Page HERE to see all that she has!

From Rachele: I am very big on supporting the military community, and giving people something special to show the pride they have in their service members.

Shelly's Creations (And Nametapes) also holds a number of great auctions of her own work throughout the year to give you the opportunity to get an item or three for less than the normal purchase price! How cool!

Here are a few items that she makes that are sweet and simply adorable!
 photo 401839_432688066753420_1079322367_n_zpsd023ac30.jpg
 photo 374242_304755276213367_829096058_n_zps1bafc0bb.jpg
 photo 386717_304754219546806_1287351617_n_zps76912523.jpg
 photo 600389_424116380943922_1832351007_n_zps791a3e31.jpg

Follow the Rafflecopter entry below and enter all of the entries for a better chance to win! 
(Some you can enter daily for a better chance to win!)  

All entries will be verified at the end of the giveaway.

Good Luck!

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23 January 2013

Giveaway: Military Decals, Your Choice, Any Branch, 2 Winners! From Good Golly Graphics!

Please give a warm welcome to Amanda, a proud Army Wife, mother of two boys and graphics designer who makes and designs hundreds of vinyl graphics, wall quotes, vehicle decals, potty training toilet targets, home decor, stencils, signs and more at Good Golly Graphics

Good Golly Graphics wants to give TWO amazing friends the opportunity to win their choice of Military Decals!

All military themed decals can be personalized and modified to match any branch of service, gender of service member or relation to service member!

 photo 566094_391801527573785_46990071_n_zps5aa5e53e.jpg

There are DOZENS upon DOZENS to choose from!!!! You can view all of the decals that the winners get to choose from HERE.

Please stop by and view her Business Page HERE and Facebook Page HERE to see all that she has!

To include vehicle decals, Good Golly Graphics also makes Beautiful and Affordable custom signs and MORE! These are some of my FAVS that she makes!

 photo 271455_226168637422960_1528825_o_zpsa70c76e9.jpg
 photo 247062_213560142017143_7328139_n_zps297cb0d2.jpg
 photo 297991_270093116363845_994266825_n_zps9cce8607.jpg
 photo il_570xN406429754_3sbr_zps3acef982.jpg
Follow the Rafflecopter entry below and enter all of the entries for a better chance to win! 
(Some you can enter daily for a better chance to win!)  

All entries will be verified at the end of the giveaway.

Good Luck! 

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22 January 2013

Giveaway: ♥ Military Love Ring from NBO Jewelry ♥

Please give a warm welcome to Nicole, a Marine SO who hand makes all of the beautiful sterling silver jewelry at NBO Jewelry!

Every month she chooses a different Charity to donate money toward from each item bought.
For one week in the month of January, $3 of each item purchased goes to the Wounded Warrior Project!
In February for one week donations will go to ASPCA!

With Valentine's Day only a few weeks away, NBO Jewelry is giving one lucky lady the opportunity to win a Custom Made "i love my marine, soldier, seabee, sailor, airman or coastie" Ring! 
This will be made to the ring size of winner's choice!

 photo Ilovemymarinering_zps189788c7.jpg

From the Owner, Maker & Designer, Nicole:
I am so grateful for being able to do something I love! I design and hand make every piece of jewelry I have available, and work out of my own home. I solder, which is just like welding, so your jewelry is durable and will last you forever. I also have a life long warranty on each item, for it to ever break or lose shine, send it back for just the charge of shipping and I will fix or re-make it! 

Her hand made jewelry is simply beautiful!

Please stop by and view her Business Page HERE and Facebook Page HERE to see all that she has!

These are a few of my favorite items that she makes!
 photo 67764_530596873634865_252506295_n_zps658d98b2.jpg
 photo 480383_530594760301743_341281881_n_zps6740d0eb.jpg
 photo 740085_557107330983819_1122515282_o_zpsdf1d4f9b.jpg
 photo 74222_533913926636493_1346446479_n_zpsda3fe69b.jpg

Follow the Rafflecopter entry below and enter all of the entries for a better chance to win! 
(Some you can enter daily to earn more points!) 

All entries will be verified at the end of the giveaway.
Good Luck! 

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20 January 2013

30 Before 30

I love this idea! 9 days ago I turned the big 2-9.... With 30 {gasp} being, now, less than a year away, I've put together a list of 30 things I want to do before I hit the big 3 OH!

1. Introduce my husband to my WHOLE Family! (That's right, with everything gone as it has in the past year, he has still not met my brothers, mom, S.Dad, S.Mom, grandparents, etc.... Only my Dad!) 
2. Spend a whole weekend alone with the hubby at the beach or mountains or both!
3. Master 5 new dinner dishes.
4. Go to a concert.
5. Organize and backup (3rd type of backup) ALL of my pictures.
6. Read 30 books.
7. Complete the remodeling projects inside our home.
8. Attend a White Sox game at their home stadium.
9. Attend a Steelers game- ANYWHERE!
10. Go to San Francisco and drive across the Golden Gate Bridge. 
11. Have $20,000 or more in just savings.
12. Visit the Grand Canyon.
13. Watch the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean.
14. Go horseback riding for the first time.
15. Go to a day spa.
16. Visit 5 different wineries.
17. Go to Germany to visit my best friend who I've known since I was 2.
18. Watch the Rose Parade in person with my children and hubby (if he's not deployed).
19. Go gold panning with my oldest.
20. Start and finish an entire year scrapbook of our baby.
21. Take my oldest on his first seadoo ride.
22. Eat at a restaurant that serves 5 course meals.
23. Complete 10 projects from Pinterest.
24. Go skiing! (Haven't done so in 8 years and I miss it!)
25. TONE my body instead of just losing weight.
26. Paint a large canvas with hubby and our boys.
27. Help 50 Military Spouse, Veteran and Military Supporting Businesses get noticed!
28. Go to a musical/play
29. Fully understand the operations of my camera and go out to enjoy my hobby of photography.
30. Get a bigger house that fits our family!

18 January 2013

Giveaway: Everything You Need for Valentine's Day!!!

So you want to do something special for your honey on Valentine's Day?

Surprise him by turning on that beautiful warmer with a romantic scent 
 from Home Candle Business.

 photo DSWBMNE_BeMineWarmer_zps83af8124.png

Cook a nice dinner wearing nothing but this sexy apron 
from Flirty and Fun Aprons by Shawna.
 photo il_570xN299626760_zpscbade5f2.jpg

And have the key to his heart in a locket hanging around your neck 
from LifeInALocket ~ Origami Owl.
 photo o_zps51a6f89a.jpg

Set the table with a nice bouquet of roses and have this beautiful 8x10 Love Quote Picture from Quotable Life leaning against them.
 photo youarethe-1354463320_zps5155429e.jpg

Pour yourself a nice glass of wine in your custom made wine glass 
 photo 580590_10151401518615664_1512656885_n_zps5e59e0ca.jpg

Enter now for your chance to WIN all 5 items listed above via the Rafflecopter below!!!
(Some you can enter daily to earn more points!) 
All entries will be verified at the end of the giveaway.  

Gentlemen: Wouldn't you just LOVE this?
Here's your chance to make the above a reality.
If you want to be certain to get all the above items in time for Valentine's Day, you can click on each of the Sponsor's Names above for more information on each item.

Good Luck!!!

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16 January 2013

Military Love Stories Wanted At Trials and Triumphs of Loving My Sailor!!!

One of my really good bloggy friends Amy at Trials and Triumphs of Loving My Sailor wants YOUR Military Love Story!

She has only FIVE spots left open to Celebrate YOU & YOUR LOVED ONE for the Month of February! 

 Four amazing Military Spouses who submit their stories will win one of four wonderful gifts!

Please go by and check out her post about it HERE

Review: Scentsy Full Size Candle Warmer, Fragrance & Bath Tablet, OH MY!


I was provided the opportunity to conduct a review from Brooke at Home Candle Business - Scentsy Independent Consultant. She is the sister of a Marine. A Marine who is a Wounded Warrior, a Hero, and is recovering well after losing his leg while serving our Country overseas.

I had heard about Scentsy for years, yet never personally tried it.... (Ya, I know, moron right?)
Several wives would have amazing smells filling their houses upon entering for play dates, coffee, lunches... And I always said I HAVE to get that! Which always led to a slip of memory caused by two boys that have taken away much of my brain cells, especially in the memory department.

So when Home Candle Business contacted me to review a Warmer & Fragrances of my choice...
I hopped aboard!!!

At first I was thinking... Okay, maybe a plug in or a small warmer. Nope!

She sent me a Full Size Marine Corps warmer with the scent of Apple Press that I chose!
How awesome is that!?!?


Now when I say Large, I mean LARGE! I'm known for having long fingers (as many of my friends say, freakishly long... About the same size as my hubby's), can just about palm a basketball... My hand wraps around a "little" over half of it! This bad boy is such a wonderful addition to our    Marine Corps home!

The day that it arrived I was so excited. I opened it up, popped a piece of the bar into it, turned it on and headed out to pick up the kids from school. Once we arrived home my oldest and my besties kiddos SERIOUSLY exclaimed, "WOW, it smells GOOD in here! What is THAT???" 
I showed them the warmer and the bar. "That is so COOL!" 
{Big smile on my face} That's right kids, the house no longer smells of baby diapers, lysol, febreeze, etc etc.... 

I am soooo very excited to try other fragrances that Home Candle Business provides!!!

Please stop by and view her Business Page HERE and Facebook Page HERE to see all that she has to offer!

As a surprise, and because she saw I have two little boys, who can most certainly drive me up the walls at times, Home Candle Business included their Luna Layers Bath Tablets: White florals — jasmine, sweet pea, and freesia — juicy berries, and sandalwood shimmer like moonlight.


I thought to myself.... When the heck was the last time I took an actual BATH? Most times I only have the opportunity for a PTA shower! (If you don't know what that is look it up, or ask another Female Service Member).... I was DETERMINED to treat my self to such a luxury. (Of course within the 20-40min time frame that baby naps). 

Oh and was it heaven....... My skin felt silky smooth and the lovely floral smells radiating off of me were such a pleasing change from baby food and nasty baby bodily functions that are too disgusting to type. I look forward to using this again and a few other scents that I want to try!

These are a few of my FAVORITE Warmers that Home Candle Business sells!


About Scentsy
Scentsy is a wickless candle and fragrance direct sales company headquartered in Meridian, Idaho, with Scentsy consultants throughout the United States and abroad. Scentsy currently sells in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Ireland.

Scentsy candles were inspired by Oprah’s Millionaire Moms. Kara Egan and Colette Gunnell started the company in their homes in an attempt to create a safer alternative to traditional candles. In 2004, Heidi and Orville Thompson purchased the business from Kara and Colette, moving the business from Salt Lake City, Utah, to Meridian, Idaho. Within a few months, Scentsy had moved from a home office to an 1800 square foot warehouse. Now, in 2013, Scentsy is currently constructing a 50 acre campus in Meridian to house its corporate offices, warehouse, and distribution center.

Scentsy was named to the Inc. 500 list in 2011, was listed by Fortune as one of America’s 100 most promising countries, and is in the Top 20 of Direct Sales companies in the United States.

Be Ready for a Multi-Sponsor Valentine's Day Themed Giveaway to start on Friday!!!

Home Candle Business will have this LOVELY Full Size Warmer Featured as a part of the Giveaway!


13 January 2013

The Invisible War: Military Sexual Trauma

"In 2010, 108,121 veterans screened positive for military sexual trauma, and 68,379 had at least one Veterans Health Administration outpatient visit for related conditions. Also in 2010, The Department of Defense processed reports of 3,198 new assaults but estimated the actual number of assaults to be closer to 19,000. However, these reports only resulted in convictions against 244 perpetrators." -MST Article

This hits so very close to home for me.... Someday, when/if I can ever truly come to terms with my own history, I may share the true facts surrounding my medical discharge from the Marine Corps and the PTSD that never leaves....

Our current Active Duty Sisters need our help NOW!  Nothing has changed in the past 11 years.   Our little sisters are being attacked, publicly shamed, all over the internet, in person and throughout their commands. For HORRENDOUS acts that were intentionally done against THEM. For standing up for themselves and bringing to light the acts of Cowards, Assailants, Pieces of Shits... Rapists.  


Please watch the documentary called "The Invisible War". Share it with as many people as you can. Other Female Military Members especially. 

Victims are still not likely to report the assault and when they do they’re very likely to be blamed for it—an awful reality that re-traumatizes the victim.  
Do not let being a victim turn you into only that! There is help out there, there are ways to work through it and seek justice.

I, along with many friends who are Female Active Duty Members and Veterans are here as well! 

Semper Fi

11 January 2013

Giveaway: ♥ Flirty and Fun Apron by Shawna ♥

Please give a fiery welcome to Marine Wife's newest sponsor, Flirty and Fun Aprons by Shawna!

 In Celebration of my 29th, Years Young, Birthday, Flirty and Fun Aprons by Shawna and I have joined forces to bring one lucky lady the opportunity to win a GORGEOUS, handmade Apron of her CHOICE!!!

That's right!! The winner can choose from any Style (Regular or Pin-up) and choice of trim color!!
(Please give at least one week for her to make it from scratch just for you!!!)

Military LOVE! 

I LOOOVE All of them but my absolute FAVORITE one is the Red and Black one on the bottom right!

Valentine/Heart Designs!

Baking, Holiday & Fun Designs!!!

Please stop by and view her Business Page HERE and Facebook Page HERE to see all that she has!

Disney LOVE!

RETRO Designs!

Follow the Rafflecopter entry below and enter all of the entries for a better chance to win! 
(Some you can enter daily to earn more points!) 
All entries will be verified at the end of the giveaway. 
Most importantly become a Facebook Fan to Flirty and Fun Aprons by Shawna HERE

Good Luck!

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Weekend Social Mix Blog Hop 1/11-1/13

Welcome to the weekend everyone! 

Weekend Social Mix Blog Hop: 
We want our Blog Hop to include everyone so it's a Social Hop!

Follow the Hosts & Co-Host:
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Please leave a comment with how you're following and your bloggy address so we can return the L♥VE!

Link your blog post up using the linky tool below! It can be ANYTHING! Why? Because it's FINALLY the weekend!

Everyone ready? GO!

Email us, if you'd like to be a guest co-host, at MWML11@Yahoo.com 
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