31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

***Giveaway: Marine Corps Birthday Celebration **Patriotic COACH ID Holder***

As a BIG thank you to my amazing Blog Followers and wonderful Facebook Fans I want to celebrate the 237th Marine Corps Birthday with a Patriotic Giveaway! 

I am a big COACH lover (so is the hubby) and when I came across this awesome ID holder at the COACH store I knew I had to get it as a Patriotic Giveaway! Too cute not to pass up! 

One lucky winner will receive this COACH FIREWORKS Signature STARS & STRIPES ID Badge Lanyard Card Holder Case.

***This giveaway will end celebrating the 237th Birthday of the United States Marine Corps on November 10th.***


Enter to win via the Raffelcopter below. 
Good Luck!

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29 October 2012

***Our Weekend Recap***

Friday started out normal, that was until I decided to clean out the garage to provide more room for the dogs during the storm. I wanted to give them a bath and first to go was our male German Shepherd Toby. He was smelling like something fierce. As I washed his body I made way for his head, neck and chest and caught a glimpse of something bright pink around his neck.... Open wounds that had hair matted into them.... Spider bites??? My poor puppy.... I took the clippers and cut away the hair, cleaned him up and called the vet. 

At this time I kissed the hubby goodbye as he left to DC for the Marine Corps Marathon, loaded the dog and the baby, picked up our oldest from school early and went straight to urgent care with our Toby Boy. Luckily everything was fine, his shots were updated and they gave him antibiotics. 
Friday evening the storm began. 

Saturday I woke up at 0730 and to my amazement both boys were still crashed out, of course I couldn't go back to sleep so I enjoyed my coffee and the book In His Stead that I will be reviewing later this week. Rainy days call for many things, most importantly though, cookies! The man-child and I made some chocolate chip cookies, watched tons of Halloween based shows and movies on Disney and ABC, read one of his RL Stine books and stayed nice and dry in the comfort of our home while the winds and rain reeked havoc outside.
Day later and the man-child and I have almost devoured them all
Evening came and a loud bang hit outside and seconds later the power was momentarily disrupted. I went into panic mode. After lazing around all day I realized the dishes were piled, laundry needed to be switched over and candles and flashlights needed to be within reach just in case. Luckily that was the only time it went out, but we were ready and waiting!

Sunday the weather did not want to let up.
We spent the day inside again. Which worked out well since little man is teething and was up at 0500 with a high fever. :( It breaks my heart when he is feeling so awful. The man-child and I munched on goodies and decided to use the opportunity of being indoors again to carve his pumpkin. Little man was miserable and just laid there watching us.... Afterwards we all curled up on the couch and watched more Halloween shows and movies. Baby fell asleep to big brother rubbing his head.

Hubby ran and completed his very first marathon, the 37th Marine Corps Marathon, in 4 hours and 30 minutes. So very proud of him!!!! 

Giveaway: "Always Faithful" Handpainted Wine Glass from Wine With RobYnWitha-Y

Do you know how expensive it is to be me? ~Robyn

  I ADORE these glasses!! And that's not just the wine lover in me talking! ;)

For the upcoming Holiday's why not celebrate your dinners with a handmade customized wine glass?!? What about giving that wine lover family member or friend one of their very own!
Do you have an upcoming wedding date? Have personalized glasses done for the whole party!

She has soooo many other great goodies to choose from also that you can see on her website HERE!

The owner, creator, artist and amazing wife and mother of these well known glasses has sponsored to giveaway one individually hand painted Wine glass embellished with Swarovski Crystals with "Always Faithful" painted on the bottom!!! 
(I'm Jealous of this winner by the way! It is Beautiful!)

Here She Is:

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Good Luck!

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27 October 2012

***Baby Mikey's Current Favs***

Lamaze's Panda Rattle, we call this his Happy Panda, it was the first toy that was bought for him, daddy picked this out a few days after he was born.

LeapFrog Baby Counting Pal, this was big brother's when he was a baby and now he enjoys it daily!

Baby Einstein Octoplush, this little guy gets abused daily, he is one of his buddies he throws around, smiles at, chews on and loves the tunes that comes from him.

Fisher-Price Rainforest Kick 'N Play Piano, we have this on the floor for him, he crawls along it, swats at it and kicks it.

Manhattan's Toy Skwish, another one picked out by daddy that he loves
Circo Sock Monkey stuffed animal, this guy was bought by big brother for little man, he sleeps with him, travels with him and loves having him around until big brother comes home from school.

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