30 September 2012

Chow Time!

Our little sweet pea tried actual sweet peas for the first time last night in his bog boy highchair (his big brother's old one)! He devoured them! This is now the 5th food item he has had. We slid bananas in there a week and a half ago, of course those were highly enjoyed as well. Between frozen breastmilk, formula, and pureed food and cereals he is one hungry beast! This morning he enjoyed his morning bottle (which he's holding more and more on his own) and then his next feeding was a bowl of iron fortified rice cereal mixed with formula. We plan on introducing oatmeal and whole array of new pureed food this next month. It is so much fun seeing his facial expressions and excitement with new and old flavors.

I tried letting him hold his own spoon after the feeding last night, since he grabs at it when feeding, but he wanted nothing to do with it because it didn't have anything yummy on it. :)

This mornings feeding was conducted by daddy..... It is one of the most precious and hilarious sights to see these two guys feed and be fed by.... The baby looked like Santa Clause most of the time and they were both just laughing and growling at each other.... Yes Mikey has now discovered how to "Growl"... The funniest sound ever!

29 September 2012

Consignment Sale Goodies I Snagged

For the Oldest:
3 Shirts
3 Khaki Pants for School Uniform
1 Mario Brothers Hat

For the Baby:
1 Long Sleeve Shirt
5 Outfits
7 Zipper Jammies 12months-24months
1 Leap Frog Discovery Ball
1 Rainforest Kick-N-Play Piano
1 News Boy Hat

Money Spent $85, not too shabby considering I went there expecting to spend $200..... ;)

28 September 2012

Baby B Has A Bed!

Today I decided I have had it with little man sleeping in a pack-n-play in our bedroom. He is almost 6 months old and still didn't have an actual crib. I was scrolling through the local yard sale website this morning during our now common 4 am feeding and came across a crib, mattress and a changing table with pad for $200..... I had been looking for months here and there, putting it off, finding a few and decided to wait and so on... That was until I noticed how BIG the boy is getting and how small the pack-n-play looks now with him in it. I caved in and called the seller on our way back from the consignment sale in Swansboro (which we got a bunch of goodies at that I will post about tomorrow) and picked it all up an hour later!

Now let me remind you, we own a 1,000 sq ft TWO bedroom duplex. Our master bedroom snugly fits two night stands, queen bed, tall dresser, long dresser and a blanket chest. Fitting the crib and changing table into here was a little game of Tetris. And while it is OOBER snug now I close my eyes and say "this is only temporary". We will restation next year, live on base or rent a bigger house and this "busting from the seams" home we live will be rented out. It honestly does not bother me so much because now there are drawers for all baby's clothes and they no longer have to be stacked up in a laundry basket on the blanket chest!

When we first laid him down in it he was NOT a happy camper. After his last feeding we tried again, turned on his mobile (his big brother's old one), pushed on his Veggie Tales Junior Asparagus glow worm that sings the song God is Bigger Than the Boogie Man, said good night and walked out. He SCREAMED! This lasted about 5 minutes.... Then he finally passed out. Hopefully he will get use to it soon. :)

26 September 2012

***Worded-lightly Wednesday: Pre-Crawler***

Our big boy is almost on the move!!! He's pulling himself up on his hands and knees, rocking a little and then commences into doing a 10 point belly flop while flaying around like a fish out of water. Hahaha! So stinkin cute! He absolutely loves being "Stand Up Man" while mommy holds his hands and even is taking a few steps. I've tried to get him to stand on my feet while I walk backward but he won't have it, he loves the feel of the ground under his own toes!

25 September 2012

Living Lockets Origami Owl Review & $25 Giveaway

Yesterday I received my very own Living Locket. I was contacted by Origami Owl to host a giveaway and fell in love instantly. I had to have one of my own! Went through the website HERE and had such a fun time looking at all the goodies for a necklace and locket that I could create all on my own!!!! Making it "me". They have so many charms and styles to choose from including charms for each of the Military Branches and Supporting Our Troops charms! Love love love! They came in individual packages, in an adorable 'take-out' box and has it's own snapping bag to store charms or the necklace in. I was expecting a type of clasp to open the locket but instead was pleasantly surprised that it is magnetic! No worries about a clasp breaking years down the road!

I chose the Large Locket with crystals, the Love hand stamped metal plate, 2 heart shaped garnet charms for my hubby and me (both Jan birthdays), September and April birthstone charms for our kiddos, the blingy letter B charm for our last name, a starfish to represent our marriage on the beach, Support Our Troops ribbon charm, American Flag charm, and of course the Marine Corps EGA charm! Then to add to the outside to hook on the chain, I went with 2 dangles the Ocean Turquoise and the Signature Heart. I wanted so many more and that is the beauty of it! You can add to, take out, and arrange any way you want to!!! A gift that keeps on giving!!!

It turned out PERFECT!!!

Tina from Origami Owl would love to give one lucky fan/blog follower of Marine Wife the opportunity to win a $25 Gift Certificate toward the purchase of your very own Living Locket!

Follow the rafflecopter entry below and enter all of the entries for a better chance to win! (Some you can enter daily to earn more points!) 

*   Winners will be emailed their prize notifications and have 24 hours to respond to claim their prize.  Any winners who do not respond within that time will forfeit their prize and a new winner will be chosen.

All entries will be verified at the end of the giveaway.

Most importantly become a Facebook Fan to Origami Owl HERE

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20 September 2012

Throwback Thursday: The Day I Became a Marine

 10 years ago I graduated from boot camp with ladies from 4030 and my platoon 4031 (there's always one 31). 10 years ago I became one of the Few Good Women, a Marine. It had been a dream of mine since I was little to join the armed forces. It wasn't until the summer before my Senior Year of high school that I chose to enter the Marine Corps.

A bus filled with us recruits arrived on the island late at night or early morning, I really can't remember. We were told to exit the bus and stand on the infamous yellow footprints.

Then came the intake process of going through all the crap we were told to bring with us but were not allowed to keep. Filling out documents, writing to our parents our address, I think we even had to call them to let them know we made it.... That part is a bit fuzzy. Hustled off to get rifles, entered a squad bay and waited for our DI's to come in.... They don't call Marines Devil Dogs for nothing. Just thinking about it brings back that ringing in my ears.

We were the first female platoons to receive the (then) new Digi Cammies. Honestly, I was pissed and disappointed. I knew how to shine shoes to make them look like a mirror, I knew how to starch the uniform to make fine creases and have it stand up without even being worn.... That was something we and Marines who joined after did not get to experience.  I was assigned to be the guide through most of boot camp. Being on the Saber Team, Drill Team, and Color Guard in AFJROTC throughout high school had provided me with deep knowledge of the drill field. I was the most hated recruit by most and the most friendly to others. The DI's would call me into their offices for private chit chats (that would scare the HELL out of me because they were being "friendly"). I was busted and had the guidon taken away from me because I had family and friends pictures stashed away in my pillow case that I would look at during the nights I just couldn't sleep. Then they would throw it back at me a day or two later. Another Cali girl, that I am still good friends with, had the position as guide as well and rocked it too. We finally all became a unit that worked together and soon found the games that the DI's played with us more humorous than not. When we were first told we would be receiving sugar cookies I seriously thought they meant cookies. Nope, to the sand pit we went and we were shinning with grains of sand by the end, just like a sugar cookie. When one would get sent to the quarter deck we all started going to the quarter deck to go through it and motivate the one in trouble together. Health issues arose for me during boot camp. Stress will do that to you. Break you down, build you back up. My stomach was the worse. I was not use to 3 square meals a day, rigorous exercises, etc. My stomach became blocked up. To the point when going back into formation from chow that I passed out on a stack of rifles. I was rushed to the hospital and I barely remember them cutting my shirt off me, woke up and was basically told I was full of shit. Yea, literally, full of shit. I hadn't been able to "go" in weeks and it had all pushed up against my insides... The laughs I received when returning were a bit embarrassing. Once the Crucible came it was game on. We were within reach of our EGA's. Rifle range was interesting and our bag nasties (lunches) had barely enough food to put in our stomachs, the male recruits would have so much in their lunches that half the time they didn't finish it and would sneak us an egg, granola bar or piece of fruit. Then the night hike came.... Our team had gotten turned around. Our DI was radioing in to find out where the hell we were suppose to be. We'd be going along and then slam into the person in front of us because of a sudden stop in front. That's when shit hit the fan for me. The recruit in front of me stepped back just right with her heel to the middle-top of my right foot and there was a crack with instant pain....FFFFFFFF!!!!! Hobbled along the rest of the way. The next day and a half I refused to take my boot off. Limped my way back to the squad bay for the miles of that last proud hike back for the warriors breakfast. Stripped down and peeled my boot off of me which instantly swelled and revealed a gnarly looking bruise. Many other girls had blisters that covered the entire length of the bottom of their feet. I was sent to medical and it was determined the top of my foot was fractured. Wrapped it up, was handed crushes and felt like shit. Sure, I finished what was needed to become a Marine, but the Family Day run was out of the question. We were handed our EGA's inside an auditorium with the song "I'm Proud To Be An American" playing in the background. There wasn't a single one of us who did not have a proud and silent tear in our eyes.
The morning of graduation I had to report to medical and I knew that if I didn't just suck it up I would be stuck on PI for awhile... Went in and told the doc that I was fine, it was sore but tolerable. That's when he started pushing on my foot. Through gritted teeth I said I was fine. He cleared me, sent me on my way, but refused to let me march with my platoon for graduation because he didn't want any added stress on the foot. Another FFFFFFFFFF!!!! I graduated in the top 5 of my platoon on the sidelines. It was a proud but disheartening feeling not being side by side with them.

During the last week of boot camp we were granted permission to get a disposable camera to make our SDI a little scrapbook of our platoon, 4031. Sure enough, I have some of those pics.

2 4030 ladies, a 4031 gal and me
SDI being held up by DI for cleaning
My Footlocker

The Sqaudbay
Family day- Parents took pics. Wash room
Family Day. Yea, I was pretty pissed mom was sitting on my rack.
Me and Mom
Me, Burrows and Cox
Me and Dovidio

19 September 2012

My Laundry Strike....

Is over... I decided to see what would happen if I just "didn't" do the laundry for a few days.... See if maybe the hubby would step up and at least start a load.... HA! 4 days later and the pile had grown to the point that I was tripping over it on the way to our room.... Guess what I've been doing all morning.... ;) Lesson learned. Unless he needs something specific it's a duty that I will just have to suck up and do.... I.Hate.Laundry.... (Don't get me wrong, he helps out and does a whole hell of a lot throughout the house and outside, I just despise laundry....)

***Wordless Wednesday: My Heart & Soul***

18 September 2012

Did You Know? Baking Soda

As a SAHM now I have been looking into new ways (to me) to use different household items and help cut expenses where I can.

First test. Baking Soda!

Living where there are a million mosquitoes we tend to get eaten alive once dusk hits. Even if we spray ourselves down they manage to find an area to dig in. You can mix baking soda onto a paste with a little water and apply it to the bite as soon as possible. This helps relieve the itch and prevents it from swelling!

This paste can also work wonders for your baby's cradle cap (so can baby oil or olive oil).

Hate those pesky weeds or grass that comes in between the cement sidewalks or patios? Don't want to keep buying roundup or any other weed prevention spray that doesn't seem to last long enough? Pick the weeds out, pour some baking soda down and sweep it into the cracks! 

Have a pet with dirt or mites in his ears? Get a cup of warm water dissolve some baking soda in the water and dip a q-tip in that then clean his ears.

Microwave have nasty old food stuck inside of it? Place a cup of water with 3-4 tablespoons of baking soda and microwave it for 4 minutes. Grab a moist cloth and wipe the gunk away!

I've also heard that if you sprinkle baking soda onto the soil of your tomato plants that it will make them taste sweeter! This I will be trying next year!

Have you used Baking Soda in other ways? Please share!

17 September 2012

Dirty Rice


3 Cups White or Brown Rice
6 Cups Water
1 lb 97/3 Hamburger meat
Garlic Salt


Place 3 cups rice in rice cooker or pot via stove top, pour in 6 cups water.
Cook rice
Brown meat while adding garlic salt to taste. I usually do 3 good shakes into the meat while it cooks.
Once both rice and meat are done mix them together in a bigger pot.
Add more garlic salt to taste.


Crazy 8

This past Saturday was our oldest son's 8th birthday. We went to the local fun zone business of Mac Daddies and had a blast. Bowling, pizza, cake, presents, and of course video games!! His dad was able to drive down from Maryland and they spent the weekend together building legos, going out and about, and enjoying time together. Last week Jake made it a point to let me know he HAD to invite his best friends from his own school. We took invites there and to his old after school care on base and got a hold of all his best buddies. He was so stoked to see all his friends. He only invited boys because he said he "just wanted to hang out with the guys." Some had sisters that came along but he didn't mind at all! :) Mr. Mikey didn't enjoy all the commotion at first, poor guy was a bit over stimulated and very tired from missing his nap time. He fell asleep in my girlfriends arms for a good portion of the party and when he woke up he was ready to seize the afternoon!

Last night our friend drove out from Lejeune on his Harley. His gift to Jake was a cool motorcycle ride up and down our street several times. He LOVED it!!! And has been bugging me to get a motorcycle more so now than he was before.... Hopefully this will pass.... ;)

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