25 January 2012

Let's Talk About Sex & Pregnancy

Once that baby bump starts appearing it can make for some uncomfortable moments, especially in the bedroom. When my hubby left for his 2 1/2 month deployment he left a wifey with barely a baby bulge and came back to a steadily growing baby BUMP. Which has, of course, grown even larger in the past month of him being home. During one of my scares of visiting the ER, I was informed that the spotting could have had to do with intercourse from a few days prior.... Then we were told to not do so for a week.... Hmmmm, ok.... That lasted 4 days. It is said the the woman's libido is increased during the second trimester...... Mine seems to have decided to carry on into the third trimester for the complete lack of it during most of my second trimester while he was gone..... It amazes me that he still finds me "sexy". Here I feel like I have a 10lbs watermelon as a belly with two large cantaloupes attached to my chest, no make-up and hair in disarray yet daily/nightly he is finding some way to rub up on me and either insinuate or just plain show what his goal is.... Tangling up the bed sheets. Of course, all while making me feel sexy like (name the prettiest/sexiest woman you can think of), the entire time. For me, the past couple weeks have been that feeling of not doing so enough.... Thank you "pregnancy honeymoon"! :))))

Now the actual action of doing so with a baby BUMP (I capitalize because it is much more than a bump now, more like a watermelon)..... Finding the most comfortable position of course is ideal but in doing so both need to think about the belly and the baby in the belly. Laying on your back (missionary) for even a short amount of time is not advised due to baby pushing on certain nerves and main veins. Missionary with you on top can be done but still, don't lay/push on your belly.... Coming up with different ways that works best for you and baby belly is great, BE CREATIVE. It is even recommended (for most, meaning those that do not have complications) to do so and do so often. Of course you could look up different positions that others have tried to get an idea, I did and it helped out a little, but honestly it has proven for us to be more enjoyable to just test the waters while in action of different comfortable, fun, and sometimes slightly exotic positions. Making love should be both pleasurable and enjoyable, especially while being pregnant.
Side effects can be a bit discomforting, spotting may occur, slight/mild contractions, and of course a little bit of weakness. Then of course we all know the possible positive side effects of increased energy, the release of endorphins and euphoric hormones that are released to you and baby, release of stress and just plain satisfaction.

So if you haven't been told differently by your doc.... JUST DO IT!  :p

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22 January 2012

Big Bellied Prego Mama- 28 wks, 12 more to go!!!

As expected, baby boy Michael keeps growing at an incredible rate. Each week that passes I feel (and see via pictures) the expansion of my tummy become larger and larger.... And with the mid section growing so does the upper section. Both causing days of exhaustion and discomfort and evenings of uncomfortable sleep. I bought a belly wedge to help hold up Mikey and to prevent me from laying more on my tummy as I was tending to do. This product has helped out tremendously in that area, but then the lower back became jealous and began it's whining of wanting attention... Insert another pillow under back side. Then to even it out, and find the most comfort, put another pillow with blankets up to chest.  I must look like I am trying to cover myself in pillows..... :)))

Backaches are the worst, especially with a pinched nerve and a couple slipped/protruding discs. Acupuncture therapy has been known to help this and many other aches and pains.... But I am already shooting myself up with a shot of blood thinners every night. (which is huge for me because I hate needles) Piece of ice to freeze the area grit my teeth and get it over with.... Chest pain has been more severe the past week. It is under my left breast in the ribs and directly in the breast and feels as though it is an air bubble causing some pain with breathing. This was the root of an ER visit that came back inconclusive on the exact issue. But it did cross off a pulmonary embolism. Which is always a fear of mine with pain in that area since that is where it was before. Tests came back positive for blood clots but none of them were in my chest, so continually taking my meds are a must to help prevent that.  It is a little scarey reading more and more and hearing from the docs on how pregnancy alone can be the cause of blood clots for any woman, but a higher percentage rating for those that have had them in the past no matter what the reason behind it was. (I was told that my previous clot/PE in 2008 was caused by the NuvaRing and smoking, I am no longer allowed to be on any type of hormonal birth control because of this.) 

I have been looking into having a VBAC also.... Which I was informed the ratings for me are a 40-50% chance of that being able to take place because of the reasons behind my initial cesarean. Jake was bigger than we thought he'd be and after 2 hours of pushing and use of forceps he was unable to be pulled or pushed out. This is when I was told I didn't have "birthing" hips. I'll be going to another hospital for a review to see what can be done. I'm not one for taking no as an answer or that I can't do something... And from speaking to numerous other moms and through readings it seems c-sections are what most hospitals try and push for... Especially if you have already had one.... Plus, the recovery time is weeks upon weeks shorter! I am looking forward to finding out our birthing options and what location it will be taking place at.

16 January 2012

I Have No Legs!!!!! (Or feet)....

{Looking Straight Down.... Bye Bye Feet, see you in a couple months....}

Yep, it is official, 27 weeks into pregnancy and my feet have disappeared.... From the belly down body parts are missing unless observed via mirror or finding some strange uncomfortable angle for a slightly better view. Of course this was discovered last night in the shower as I was attempting to find a non-deathly position to shave.... At which shaving has now become an Olympic event in itself.... Could I go without doing so, sure, my husband wouldn't care, he'd poke fun at me, but it wouldn't bother him if he knew how much of a struggle it is. But, with him home, I hate having hair where I find it just should never be in the first place. If he weren't here, I'd deal with not doing so since it is winter and I can wear pants everywhere anyway. But for now, or until I have to turn into some origami figure/contortionist, I will find a way. I had a co-worker tell me her daughter would steady herself with one foot on the sink to do so when she was pregnant, my clumsy butt would probably fall and take the sink with me if I were to attempt that... lol Then of course there is my husband who "compliments" how big my belly has grown since he's been home. And how he is going to make me so fat and the baby huge, lol. :p Keep feeding my boy protein, is what he says, I'm going to have him doing {name any exercise} by the time he's 2!! LOL....  Only a month since he's been back and I have gained 10lbs, makes up for the lack of weight gained during the three months he was deployed, that's for sure! It was all that good home eating over the holidays!!! :)) It shows tremendously all throughout the belly and chest, my co-workers continue to say how everything else on me looks the same, but I can see it in my face and a bit in my arms too. I do wonder how big this "little" guy will be. We swore Jake would be 5lbs since dad was less than 3 lbs and mom was less than 6 lbs, he turned out to be a big bouncing boy of 8lbs 11ounces...... And the going home outfit we had for him fit his teddy bear, not him, so a run to the house had to be made for a different outfit. :)))

Tomorrow we go in for a regular appointment/check-up followed by our first 3d/4d ultrasound. This just so happens to land on Daddy's birthday too :))) Making it all that more special. I have never had one done, I've seen them and, yes, have even youtubed them, so I am very excited to have the opportunity to do so. Technology is pretty darn sweet for pregnancies now-a-days. :)))

14 January 2012

Pregnancy Brain At It's Finest Hour

Where is it? I put it right there.... Did I lose it again? Why is nothing where I can find it???

Yep, it is that time of the pregnancy again... I have officially lost more memory in the past week than I can recall ever having in the first place.... lol, (get it?) :p  And the one thing that has suffered the most out of it all is my garage interior door knob... It has taken my aggression, aggravation, irritation, sarcastic comments and anger all at once. It has been utterly destroyed via hammer and a mother in a hurry. For the second time this week I assumed my keys to be in either A. coat pocket or B. purse. Both times they were sitting nicely upon the kitchen counter top behind locked doors and windows. 1st time was after lunch during the week, luckily I had my phone on me and not in the truck, which was locked, so I was able to call my husband to rescue me. 2nd time (today) a phone call to him would have rendered us stranded outside in the truck for a few days since he is across the country until Monday.... Luckily the truck was unlocked this time and I was able to use the garage door opener to gain access to at least the garage. Which as soon as I opened our dogs bolted out into the neighborhood causing me and our son to play cowboys and wrangle them back in. Unfortunately the door to go inside the house was locked too. Which left me with two options, pick the lock (no time for that, as we had 15 min to be at the gym for Basketball pictures and games) or beat the CRAP out of the door knob with a hammer and gain access.... I took option number two... I almost went for the sledge hammer and decided that would cause much more damage than was necessary and I'd rather replace a knob than an entire door... :p  So, it worked and we made our way to the gym on base at the exact time he needed to be there by... Yay to Super Mommy!!!

Keys have become my biggest inconvenience.... As for other forgetful moments... The oven is my second worst followed closely/tied by my straightener or curling iron. And then of course there is the list of things to do that I am constantly rewriting due to misplacement and/or that wonderful grocery list that I take out of my purse to write one more thing down that gets left at the desk or kitchen table, and of course this is not realized until I'm at the store. Bring on the Third Trimester!!! :))))

There are many articles out there showing how pregnancy brain is proven as a real diagnosis for memory loss due to blood flow etc, and advice on how to overcome it, here is one:

 This seems to sum up myself at least once a day...

13 January 2012

3 day weekends are a blessing!


This evening is the start of a "free" 3 day weekend for us. I love this time of year when all the time off is holiday pay and I can hold onto what little paid time off I have. Most of my time off gets taken by a sick little boy, a sick mommy, prenatal appointments, etc. Such is the life of a prego mommy while her hubby was deployed. That's right, WAS! He is home now, and all is right with the world. He came home a few days before Christmas and we spent the holiday back in his home town, the windy city, with his family and friends. It was a wonderful visit, but much too short, especially for him. He was able to show me a portion of his childhood, schools, friends, stories, pictures (which is always a favorite of mine to look at), and of course the home he grew up in, which is where we stayed with his parents and younger brother.

Since he has been home it has been a whirl wind and the days seem to just fly by.... New Years I was tired and cranky but he had me stay up and watch the ball drop. Then my birthday just 10 days later.... That's right I am now 28, but I feel better than I did when I was pregnant with Jake at age 20! :)) I love being pregnant, even when my feet start to swell and my back feels like someone is attempting to drill a screw into the nerves along my lower back... All of this comes as a blessing every time I feel baby Michael show off his water aerobic stunts throughout my belly. Oh yea! We found out just before Christmas that we are having a BOY!!!!!! Baby Butta is now known as baby Michael Richard Butta!!!! :))) Daddy's middle name as the baby's first name and my dad's first name as the baby's middle name. Perfect!!!

SO this weekend is going to be a bit different. While we were back home for Christmas we spent time with a very close friend of his who is getting married next month in Miami. After they shared a few drinks the bachelor party idea got thrown around with Las Vegas in mind. Then and there I told my hubby he HAAAAASSSS to go! He's never been and going with his buddies first would be the ideal experience. Lo-and-behold that trip is this weekend, which just so happens to be the weekend right before his birthday this Tuesday the 17th. :) I kissed him goodbye around 4am this morning as he left to go to the airport. Is it bad that I pushed so hard for him to go? Is it bad that I'm glad he caved in and went? Is it bad that I'm glad he's not here this weekend so I can get a few things done that I would not have been able to if he were here (i.e. the making of his birthday presents). :p Tomorrow alone will be a busy day with Jake's Build and Grow  at Lowes followed immediately by basketball pictures and scrimmage games!!! :))) And then Sunday and Monday will be dedicated to arts and crafts for Jake and I. :))) What I plan on making.... I'm still not sure.... lol.... I have several items in mind but want to also save something to be made for Valentine's Day next month. <3

05 January 2012

Thirsty Thursday

Today I want a caramel apple spice from Starbucks.... This has become my drink from them once again. (This is how my Starbucks relationship began in high school, coffee wasn't my thing until after I had Jake).

Since the nearest one is about a 15-20min drive away (not like Cali with 5-10 within a 3-5mile radius) I will probably have to wait until the weekend to quench this thirst. I'd say it is a good thing though that it is so far away. Between my husband and I we would probably have to put a lean on our house for the amount that we would intake on a daily basis. :p For now, I'm downing my water and at lunch I consumed some grapefruit juice at home. Suck down the good stuff to treat myself over the weekend. :)

(Something else that I miss having easy access to, an In-n-Out milk shake..... nom nom nom)
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