29 February 2012


Since our little man's adult teeth have started growing in it was apparent that he would need braces.... BRACES! These things are known to be more expensive than my first car! Start saving up now is what I was told by family and friends, take out a loan, hope you have dental insurance..... Yadda Yadda Yadda. Fortunately enough, there were only 6 braces/brackets needed (for now) and the cost was under $250 after insurance! (A big thank you to the local orthodontist who actually gave over a 50% discount and is known for doing work for free, Dr. Ball, you are amazing and appreciated!!!) Well, it turns out his teeth are actually too crowded in the front not allowing numbers 7 & 10 to grow in properly. Numbers 8 & 9, his two front teeth, are too far apart and crooked. Then Numbers 5,6 and 11,12 are to be pulled back a little as well to make room.

His reaction to the whole thing: "Thank you SSSSOOOO much mommy for letting me get braces!!!" Our child WANTED braces! He thinks it looks cool and says all his friends are going to want them now. LOL. Really? Don't get me wrong, I was that girl who was attracted to the boys with braces or glasses.... (His dad actually had braces when I first met him in high school, lol). But that it looks cool? Ok buddy, if you say so! :)) I'm just happy that it will help take care of his snaggle tooth and gap and allow his teeth to grow in!!!! Intense before pictures were taken by the dentist with these crazy lip holders to only see the teeth. I can't wait to see how great his teeth look in 6-7 months! He was happy to pick out a color for his bands too! Red, of course, his favorite color! :))

27 February 2012

*~*Music Monday*~*

I grew up listening to everything and still enjoy a large variety of tunes. Buuuutttt...... My all time favorite band has been Third Eye Blind since they first came out. Back in the summer of 1998 I was able to see them live at a street fair and it was amazing!!!! Squeezed our way up to the front and enjoyed the show.

Yes, I own each and everyone of their CD's and was so happy when their new one came out a couple years back after so many years without them releasing one!!! 

26 February 2012

How Many Seeds Did I Actually Swallow?

33 weeks today... And GROWING!
The past few days this little dude inside me has been breaking dancing, karate chopping, headbutting, you name it, my insides. I walk anywhere and he seems to try his hardest to push his head out and say hello. Hopefully he will be this helpful when labor time does come!!! :)))

Tomorrow we will be given the opportunity to see him again at the hospital that is rated "Baby Friendly"! While it's not seeing him in person yet, that time will come soon, it'll be great to have a looksy at him! :) The first visit there seriously reminded me of an episode of Grey's Anatomy, residents, friendly manners and so on. I did feel a lot better there than any of the other 2 hospitals I have been to!

Sleep has become a battle with the belly and little man inside. One wrong move and he let's me know I need to get back to the comfy spot he was in even if it feels like my back is twisted into odd positions. Pillows are not as anodyne as they once were, and flipping the bed has brought me some comfort but seems to only hurt the hubby now. It has officially reached that uncomfortable stage of the pregnancy.... Yet I catch myself holding my belly, petting my belly, and yes, even poking at my belly to feel him show off his moves. Every time I poke and prod at him the hubby scolds me telling me to leave the kid alone... LOL.Not to worry though, he pays me back 10 fold ALL-DAY-LONG. ;) 

Now to go empty the baby's push toy.....


25 February 2012

*~*Saturday Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway!!!*~*

Who doesn't love a hot (or cold) cup of joe or tea?  And since my coffee consumption has been limited until the birth of our little man, I figure someone else can enjoy some for me, thus leaving me to live vicariously through you for drinking coffee! :)

This giveaway will be open until Saturday March 3rd at midnight. The Winner will have 24 hours to claim his/her online gift card. The gift card will be delivered by email and is open worldwide!

The winning entries will be verified, and if it is not claimed a new winner will be drawn.

Enter to win via the Rafflecopter below! :)))

24 February 2012

Coupons, Coupons, Coupons!!!!

I started using coupons a couple years back, and then the extreme couponing show came out..... WOW!!!!! Made my use of coupons look meager! I started reading into how they do so, the measures that are taken to get coupons, the match prices through the weekly ads..... Made my head spin! The fact that I can print coupons from home is a God send! The fact that the commissary has an online listing of prices for numerous items and sale items is beyond wonderful as well!!!!! My hubby tends to scoff at the coupons I use. But the fact that we eat and go through all that I get from them is proof enough of their worthiness for our household. Who doesn't like to save money!?!? My favorite sites to use have been CouponMom.com and Coupons.com. Now, it is so nice for a busy working, prego, mom of a sporty 7yr old to be able to just hop on the comp real quick and see all the people out there that make couponing SO MUCH EASIER!!!!!! I Thank Every Single One Of You who post those great deals either through blogs or facebook! I appreciate you all more than you know! :))) Have a great weekend and always keep an eye out for great deals for things you need!!!!!

22 February 2012

21 February 2012

All Work & No Play Makes Mama Tired

After having  4 1/2 days off it is difficult to get back into the swing of things. Especially when the day must start by hitting the ground running. Get myself ready, make sure the man-child gets up and gets ready, ask hubby to make me eggs as he makes his, gets the little man's breakfast in order and snacks for the day at school, try to think of what snacks I may want to snack on throughout the day (as my hunger/cravings change). Finish getting ready, kiss my hubby, hug our son and off to work.

Come to work and find our new cubicles are up and everything needs to be unpacked and put in order. An hour and a half later I was ready for a nap! Spent the day setting up my computer lab area, putting up our resource books, organizing my desk, providing a one on one preseparation brief to a service member and then continued with cleaning up the areas. I was pooped! 

Headed home and decided that the simple meal of hamburger helper that I took the meat out for this morning was right on spot. Too tired to fuss with anything else. In fact I was so tired the hubby made dinner while I laid on the couch and zoned in and out of consciousness. Helped little man with home work, ate, and then laid down in bed.

I wonder how much longer I'll be able to survive these daily marathon's because the further along I get the more tired I grow throughout the day. (I was spoiled when I was working from home during my last pregnancy!) 32 weeks down, 8 to go! I plan on staying at work until my water breaks or the doc says differently (which I don't suspect will happen).

After that I plan on going back to work as soon as possible.... But then again plans can change. The hubby's name has been placed on an availability list for deployment a month after Mikey is due..... A 7 month one from my understanding. While that would suck on so many levels, it is also an opportunity for him to continue showing off his knowledge and leadership skills and of course he would be doing what he loves. Sigh.... So, needles to say, it is a bit difficult to say I "plan" to do one thing when there are so many variables that can take place... But a great addition to that is that with all the draw backs and cuts the Marine Corps has been making, he was selected for Career Retention!!! While it is no surprise with how great his fit reps have been, it was still a much answered prayer that we were hoping for. As long as he enjoys what he's doing and does so for the right reasons I'll always support him.

But my OCD with planning ahead as much as possible continues to grab a hold of me.... How's that saying go? If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans!

Here is one plan that I'm sure He will agree with.... Me going back to bed! :) Good night blog world! Sweet Dreams!

20 February 2012

Just Another Manic Monday

I will be signing under choosing a VBAC!!! :))
The day started with having to wake up earlier than I normally would for a paid day off. Today was the big appointment that I have been waiting weeks for. The appointment to be seen and get the ball rolling on giving birth to our son via VBAC. I hardly slept a wink last night, my mind was going a million miles an hour and it didn't help that the power kept going out leaving me without a fan and messing with the alarm clock. Anxious, Yes. Excited to be seen at one of very few Baby Friendly Rated hospitals throughout the US (maybe about 100 of them all throughout the US), definitely!!!! After a long detailed appointment (which has been completely lacking with the other location I had been going to) I was and am more confident in giving birth to our son naturally now more than ever before. Of course, they did explain the possibilities of the most severe complications (which I admit does scare the crap out of me) but even with that it is so rare that these happen (1% of births via VBACs) that I am sucking it up and going for it. My hubby is happy that I decided to do so. :)) Me.... I'm nervous. Will I do so without medication, no. There are those women out there who do so without anything, and that is great, god on them! But me, when it comes to the back labor I went through with my first son, there is just no way. Since I am considered a "high risk" pregnancy, I will more than likely be going out to this hospital for appointments once a week until the birth. 55 days to go! :)

http://www.acog.org/For_Patients - Excellent resource for us preggo folk.

After the appointment we went to a second hand store called Once Upon A Child. Let's just say that we were there for over an hour!!! It reminded me of a store back in Aurora, CO called Kid to Kid. This place was amazing! A bit overstocked and overwhelming, but still an absolute gold mine for kids clothes and toys! Ranges were from new born to preteen in clothing and new born to older toddler with toys. We managed to find numerous toys from the baby's wish list there for a quarter of the price in excellent condition! Then with summer coming up we were about to get our 7 year old new (used) name brand shorts in perfect condition, and of course I caved in and found a couple more baby clothes.... I need to stop buying clothes for the baby... Clothing wise we are pretty much set, especially with my father shipping out baby clothes that I had saved from when our 7yr old was a baby. He's also sending out our son's old bassinet!!!! (This is another one of the few things I just could not ever part with). SO excited to finally start setting everything up. Oh! And we managed to find a $130 excellent condition stroller for only $40 off of the local yard sale website out here. Yep, thrifty shoppers indeed. (The only things I will not by used are a car seat and crib.) We did find the perfect crib at Target for under $150, this will be something that we get for baby Mikey when he is close to out growing the bassinet. We did cave and buy a new pack n' play from Target today.... Haven't been able to find a decent one through yard sales or craigslist. (This will be something we hold onto this time around though, of course I kick myself in the butt for all the things that I have sold via yard sales and second hand stores throughout all these years....) And, we still have the highchair our son originally used that I love so much and just never could part with. (It helped that my friend Ashley used it for her two boys as well!) :))

All in all, today turned out to be a very productive Baby B day and his Big Brother did great throughout the entire crazy, run around day!! :))) Now...... To just get this house in some sort of order..... Sigh.... :p

Daddy cruising the aisles.

The Cart of Treasures Found & Bought :)

I remembered this from when I was young!!! Couldn't pass up for only $2.50 in excellent condition!!!

Oven Baked Chicken Parmesan

4 boneless, skinless chicken breast halves (about 1 1/4 pd)
1 egg, slightly beaten
3/4 cup Italian seasoned dry bread crumbs
1 jar (26 or 28 ounces) Ragu Pasta Sauce (I use Ragu's Mama's Special Garden Sauce)
1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese (I use a bit more)

1 Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Dip chicken in egg, then bread crumbs.

2 Put chicken in 13x9-inch glass dish. Bake uncovered for 20 min.

3 Pour Ragu Sauce over chicken, then top with cheese. Bake and additional 10 min or until chicken is no longer pink. Serve if desired, with hot cooked pasta (Goes extremely well with fettuccine alfredo.)

18 February 2012

Deployments & Such

Deployment: the word that every spouse and significant other shutters at, but still knows it is his or her duty and we support them 110%. The days that seem to go by far to quickly prior to their leave date, the training before hand that either takes them away for long periods of time or allows them to come home when we are already tucked away in bed. Anxiety levels, stress levels at all time highs. 

And then the day comes of leaving. Checking his list twice over. Setting aside items to be immediately mailed out to lessen the amount taken with and/or because there just is not enough room to pack it. Drive him to the site that has been planned for families to see their loved off. Kiss, hug, cry, kiss some more, hold hands while squeezing the life out of it hoping that closeness and feeling will be permanently embedded in your body. Wait until that absolute last call before hugging and kissing again. Watch the bus or vehicle leave out of sight before you mosey on back to a never pausing life.

Somehow make it back home, but little recollection of how you managed to get there. Open the front door...... Silence.... Emptiness.... The child or children sad at first and then they kick into normal everyday play. Mommy going to the bed and seeing where he was laying down, making that side of the bed is not an option at this point. Yes, I have left his side of the bed unmade for several months with his hoodie and a large teddy bear that he bought me there. No that doesn't mean the blankets were dirty. that is what a shower before bed is for. :P
Next day and the days to follow are all about making the time pass as quickly as possible. This can be an easy task with little ones involved in activities. If there are no little ones this task can sometimes be a challenge finding things to do on your own and with friends that does not involve curling up in bed with a pint of your favorite ice cream. 

I have had it both ways. On my own while little man was visiting friends or family and having him home with a million things to do in relation to his sports, school, and other activities. I prefer having him home. It kept my mind elsewhere and I didn't start on a million different projects/updates for our home. There were a few must do's though. As it happens to be, any time he leaves SOMETHING goes terribly wrong within the house. 

This last deployment the dishwasher went haywire and began leaking (more than normal) throughout the kitchen, I had to replace that. Then the master bath's sink decided that our house needed an indoor pool in the middle of night. After a couple hours of clean up, tearing out carpet matting from our bedroom and setting up heaters to dry the foundation and carpet I was at my wits end. Let's just say coffee was a must that morning at work for this pregnant lady. 

Murphy's Law Does His Work in ALL DEPLOYMENTS.

Phone calls, snail mail, webcams, emails, texts (yes texts on certain deployments with international plans). Your phone is always on the loudest it can be on and attached to your hip all times (except maybe the shower and even then it is still within an arms reach away). If for whatever reason you have a moment of forgetfulness and walk into another room without it, that is when he calls... 

You check the phone no more than 5 minutes later and see you MISSED a call!!!!!!! REALLY????? Yep, it happens to each of us, and then we are looking at our phone for the rest of the day/night hoping he gets the chance to call back. Then once that call does come through it is no surprise that only half of the conversation is truly understood but at least the most important part does, and that is how much you love and miss each other (even if you are fuming mad that the satellites decided to take a dump during the time you actually get to hear his voice).

(My love from his last deployment)

Mail and care packages are wonderful to send. Little goodies, surprise letters and cards. Pouring your undying love out for him in a letter always feels so much better than trying to do so in an email. :) And is a pleasant item to receive that is personal that he can carry around with him every where he goes and re-read it as he pleases. I still carry a certain letter that he wrote me when he was deployed 2 years back. Every now and then I pull it out and it still brings the biggest shit-eating-grin/smile to my face :)))     

Then after months of independence/having to keep things in line on your own comes the time that we have been longing for. They're coming home! You've thought about this day, you've dreamed about this day, you've literally been counting down the days from a certain point and crossing off your calendar to the "possible arrival date" (because nothing is ever certain in any branch). You've gone out and gotten your hair done, nails done, picked out something to wear, and even shaved your legs! 

The house is spotless except maybe whatever you decided to make as the meal for his arrival. (BTW a crockpot works wonders for late night homecomings!!!) You get to the arrival area and twiddle your thumbs, make small talk amongst other wives and significant others and families, and your heart starts pounding. Do I look ok, will he recognize me? (This was my biggest fear because he left with a not so noticeable baby bulge and was coming home to a BABY BUMP). You're antsy, you're nervous, he steps off that bus (and hopefully you can see him, mine snuck up behind me and scared the crap out of me) and he's in your arms and life is finally right back where you left it x amount months prior..........

Or so you thought it was where you left it. Do not and I repeat do not think everything goes right back to "normal". That old normal does not exist, there is a new normal to be created and worked at together in the midst of the honeymoon phase of him being home. Both of you have grown in ways together as well as individuals during this time apart. Your love for each other is still there and hopefully stronger than ever. But there are adjustments to be made. You are not the only adult under that roof now. You will have to give up some of the things that you were doing all on your own. Your partner will have to step up to do some of those things (AND NOTE: it may not be in the same manner that you were doing so, THAT'S OK!!!!! The end result is still the same, the baby's diaper was changed, the dishes are clean etc....) 

This was my struggle. Him stepping in to do things, me asking what he thinks he's doing and so on. Until he literally threw it in my face one night about how I am not the only one here anymore, that he is capable of taking the load off of me just fine and that I needed to sit the hell down and relax. Yep, I was taken aback, and gave a YES SIR after biting my tongue. Hahahaha. Know there are many wives out there for an ear to listen and can give advice if that is what you're seeking. If nothing seems to work, Chaplain's are absolutely amazing people with wonderful insight and counselors have great advice and activities to do as a couple.

We recently attended a stronger marriage/couples course on base with his unit. It was amazing how different we are yet at the same time how much we knew each others "fighting/argument techniques". The class is beyond recommended to any couple no matter how long you have been together. It was full of helpful information, fun, entertaining and just all around a great experience. Look into your bases spousal activities and family friendly functions!

We are labeled Survivors of Deployments as well, Veteran's of keeping the home-front under as best control as we possibly could. Because let's just be honest, there were several things that came up out of our control that we decided to just place on the "honey-do-list" for him to do sometime after he gets home. (Yes, I'm guilty as charged for this as well).

What are some of the things that have gone wrong during the deployments or exercises you have been through? What type of goodies do you like sending out to him/her and what do they ask for most? What do you do during the time they're gone? If you have kids how do you help them through it? How do you celebrate the homecoming (besides that... :p)?

17 February 2012

*~*$25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway*~*

Let the Giveaways Begin! Enter below on the Rafflecopter form!

I decided the first giveaway should be from a site that has saved me time, energy and family relations. :P Since we live in the middle of no where (at least compared to where we both grew up) there's not a decent mall close by. I use Amazon.com for holidays, birthdays and for just because reasons. This saves me from going to the post office (which is actually a luxury to be able to do because I never have time to get there), tax on items, time looking for the perfect item, and 90% of the time I find what I'm looking for for cheaper than what it is sold for in most stores (including WallyWorld). And since time is much better spent with the family this site is a Working Woman's life saver.

This giveaway will be open until Feb 29th at midnight (Leap Year, yay to one more day!). The Winner will have 24 hours to claim his/her online gift card. The gift card will be delivered by email, which makes this open WORLDWIDE! So go on and share it with everyone and anyone!

Please note that the winning entries will be verified, and if they are not completed, a new winner will be drawn!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

~Marriage Survey~

Marriage Survey

I found this on A Monkey in the Navy. Something to do to help further my procrastination of vacuuming the living room while the guys are vegged out watching the cartoon Ghostbusters.....

1.  When is your "engagement" anniversary?
I believe it was the end of May last year.... Kinda went something along the lines of.... I love you, lets get married in our living room.
2.  When is your marriage anniversary?
Sept 2, 2011
3.  How long have you known your spouse?
Just shy of two years right now.
4.  How long did you date before you were engaged?
6 months.... I think... We were friends prior to "dating"
5.  Where did you meet your spouse for the first time?
6.  What is your spouses full name?
  Alex, hunny, babe.....
7.  Do you have any children?
1 boy and another boy on the way
8.  How many boys/girls?
1.5 ;P
9.  Do you have any house pets?
2 Dogs and a fish
10.  Do you own a house or rent?
11.  Do you live in the country/town/city?
12.  What are your favorite activities to do together?
 Anything and everything
13.  Do you have a favorite vacation spot?
We haven't been too many places yet. But we go back to the beach every year for our anniversary.
14.  When did you first kiss?
I think it was a week into meeting face to face... Unless a kiss on the forehead counts then it was the 2nd or third time we had a "date night".
15.  What church do you attend?
We do not currently attend church. And most of them out here request your pay stub info. Ridiculous!
16.  Is this the church you were married in?
We were married on the beach
17.  What town is your current address at?
Close to the Air Station Cherry Point... so close our walls shake from the planes flying over... :P
18.  Do you work or stay-at-home?
I work on base
19.  Where did you go on your honeymoon?
We took a weekend trip with the family to Asheville NC. For our own one on one time we're in the works of doing so after baby is born and/or after we have another baby after this one... We're still talking about it :)
20.  What was the funniest gift you gave while dating?
Not sure, I know I sent him a funny card while he was deployed.
21.  How long have you been together?
We came to an agreement when exactly we became a couple.....
22.  How long did you know each other before you started dating?
7 or 8 months I think....
23.  Who asked who out?
Well he contacted me first... Then we talked and decided on a time to meet each other.... 
24.  How old are each of you?
He's 27 and I'm 28
25.  Where do each of you go to school?
He's already a graduate, looking into his Masters and I'm still working on my BA.
26.  Which situation is hardest on you as a couple?
Well really it's me, adjusting to having a helping hand to do things around the house...
27.  Did you go to the same school?
Nope. 2 different states
28.  Are you from the same town?
  Negative, again.... 2 different states
29.  Who is smarter?
"Everyone is a genius. But, if you judge a fish on it's ability to climb a tree it will go through it's whole life thinking it's stupid." But, really I think we're equally smart but in different areas.
30.  Who is more sensitive?
Definitely me.... especially right now with the fluctuating hormones.
31.  Where do you eat out most as a couple?
Jimmy John's..... Yea it's addicting
32.  Where is the furthest you traveled as a couple?
  To the Windy City :)
33.  Who has the craziest exes?
  None of us
34.  Who has the worse temper?
  Guilty.... I can get set off pretty easily right now, it usually always ends in my crying and apologizing...
35.  Who does the cooking?
 Both of us.... But he is by far better and has inspired me to come out of my shell.
36.  Who is more social?
  That is definitely me, unless he's around his guys from work or buddy's back home
37.  Who is the neat-freak?
  Me again..... Especially late at night. That seems to be when my cleaning hormones kick in at full speed
38.  Who is more stubborn?
We're both Capricorns..... Enough said....
39.  Who hogs the bed?
  He does.... though I'm not sure how with my big belly.... 
40.  Who wakes up earlier?
I'm usualy the first one up on the weekdays, getting me and the little man up and ready shortly after he's up and ready.. Weekends, I like to sleep in and he lets me. :)
41.  Where was your first date?
I'd say the banks with the wild horses.... Not sure what he would comment on here.
42.  Who had more boyfriends/girlfriends?
  ..... That would be me.
43.  Do you get flowers often?
Out of the blue yes, they look great on our kitchen table and make me feel special at work :)
44.  How do you spend the holidays?
45.  Who is more jealous?
Ha, I'd say it's a pretty even match here.
46.  How long did it take to get serious?
Serious... in what manner? 
47.  Who eats more?
He does by far!
48.  Who does the laundry?
49.  Who is better with the computer?
  I'd say we're both decent with a comp.
50.  Leave a piece of advice for other couples.
Love, honesty and open communication about anything and everything. Do not leave something bottled up and try to bring it light days or weeks later! :) And do not ever try changing each other. Compromise is key. :)

14 February 2012

Valentine's Day: The Hallmark Holiday of Love

No, I'm not a cynical person when it comes to Valentine's Day... Rather I am one who has always been an over the top romantic when it has come to holiday's and birthday's in general. However, I do prefer my romantic side come out for just because reasons.... Not because I "have" to.... I'm not one for being told what to do for someone because then it just doesn't seem personal enough...Don't get me wrong, the hubby will receive a couple lovey dovey items for this occasion, a couple bought items and some personal made from the heart items. <3 It is just a little difficult for both of us to think of what to get each other and/or state what we would each like because of the way the holiday's fall.... Christmas in Dec., Both of our Birthday's in Jan., and then BAM Feb. Valentine's Day! We're all gifted out. Of course for him there are always power tools to add to his growing "arsenal" LOL.

This year I did something a bit different, something that I have wanted to do for years, (not while being pregnant though, but it worked out better than I thought it would!) Last month I had Maternity Pinup pictures done!!!! A local photographer who has had numerous publications did them http://cherryblossomsphoto.blogspot.com/. I have been looking forward to having her take pics for a long while now, and when I saw on her facebook page that she also did Maternity, I was sold!  At first I was a bit uncertain with the whole baby BUMP hanging out in plain sight, heals, stockings etc. But she and the ladies made it fun, comfortable and an experience I'd say any preggo mama should have! I felt sexy and the pictures showed just that! Yes, pregnancy can be sexy!!!  All dolled up with the makeup and hair of the 1930's/40's era.... (One of my favorite era's that I have always said I should have been alive for.)  It was a great experience all around and I look forward to having another session with them after the baby makes his way into the world. :)))

For this evening I was thinking a nice candlelit dinner for the 3 1/2 of us.... That was before the hubby came down with a stomach flu/bug and before I had to have my far back molar pulled due to half of it breaking off... I'm thinking our little man will enjoy a nice dinner while we slurp down pudding, jello, applesauce etc.... LOL. Then after putting our little man to bed I was thinking of having a sweet dessert with a glass of apple cider (normally this would be an evening of wine but we've been making do with Baby B in the belly for occassions like this), we'll be holding off on that for the weekend when our little man is spending time with his dad who is coming down here to see him. Mommy Daddy time, YAY!!! After that.... ;)  XoXo


13 February 2012

*~*Music Monday*~* Love Songs

A thought crossed my mind when reading Cindy's blog this evening at: http://crazylifeofamarinewife.blogspot.com/

Make a quick list of love songs for this week's Special Day. :) I'm a music fanatic as it is. Anyone who knows me, knows that I listen to almost everything and that I own weeks upon weeks worth of tunes in a huge CD binder and even more under my iTunes. So here are a few of my All Time Favorite Love Songs:

I Need You~ Tim McGraw and Faith Hill
I Do~ Dashboard Confessional
I'm Yours~ Jason Mraz
Only You Can Love Me This Way~ Keith Urban
Let Me Be The One~ Blessid Union of Souls
I Love You~ Celine Dion
All In~ Lifehouse
I Want You Now~ Depeche Mode
When You Kiss Me~ Shania Twain
PS I love You~ Billie Holiday
One Thing~ Finger Eleven
Two People Fell In Love~ Brad Paisley
Nobody~ Keith Sweat
My Best Friend~ Tim McGraw
Come Away With Me~ Norah Jones
Turn Me On~ Norah Jones
Come A Little Closer~ Dierks Bentley
The One~ Gary Allen
Your Call~ Secondhand Serenade
Dreaming Of You~ Selena
You Just Get Better All The Time~ Tim McGraw
Kissing You~ Des'ree
I Wanna Know~ Joe
I Love You 5~ Never Shout Never
Just The Way You Are~ Bruno Mars
I'll Make Love To You~ Boyz 2 Men
You and I~ Anabor
If I Ever Fall In Love~ Shai
I Wanna Sex You Up- Color Me Badd
Come What May~ Moulin Rouge
All My Life~ KCi & JoJo
I Could Fall In Love~ Selena
Let me Love You Down~ Ready For The World
Let's Get Married~ Jagged Edge
Just A Kiss~ Lady Antebellum
I Love You This Big~ Scotty McCreery
Nice & Slow~ Usher
Come and Talk To Me~ Jodeci
To Make You Feel My Love~ Garth Brooks
Me And You ~ Kenny Chesney
From This Moment On~ Shania Twain
I'm Yours~ Brandy
Forever and For Always~ Shania Twain
Marry Me~ Train
Love On Top~ Beyonce
Rhythm of Love~ Plain White T's
She's Every Woman~ Garth Brooks
Deep Inside Of You~ Third Eye Blind
Real Life~ Jeff Carson
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Looking Back On Today~ The Ataris
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Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman~ Bryan Adams
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BIG THANKS to Jenna's Journey for The Blue Door Boutique Gift Cert!!!!

So an awesome blog I follow about life, food, reviews, and fashion had a Giveaway for a $50 certificate to The Blue Door Boutique, that has some pretty adorable clothes!!!! They also have an online store, which is why I tried for it since I'm MILES away from Georgia. http://www.thebluedoorboutique.com/index.php
Well, with this entry I happened to be one of three to win!!! I'm looking forward to buying something cute to wear for after the birth of our little dude. :))) Can we say another clip of motivation to lose baby weight FAST! :)))) THANK YOU JENNA!!!!  Check out her blog and follow her at: http://jennasjourneyblog.blogspot.com/

12 February 2012

Bourbon Street Chicken

Another great hit with entire family! 

2 pounds boneless chicken breasts; cut into bite-size pieces

1 tablespoon olive oil; (1-2)

1 garlic clove; crushed

1/4 teaspoon ginger

3/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes

1/4 cup apple juice

1/3 cup light brown sugar

2 tablespoons ketchup

1 tablespoon cider vinegar

1/2 cupwater

1/3 cupsoy sauce

1 tablespoon cornstarch; (if thick sauce desired)


Bourbon Street Chicken Preparation

Heat oil in a large skillet.

Add chicken pieces and cook until lightly browned.

Remove chicken.

Add remaining ingredients, heating over medium heat until well blended and dissolved.

Add chicken and bring to a hard boil.

Reduce heat and simmer for 20 minutes uncovered.

Serve over hot rice.

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