13 January 2013

The Invisible War: Military Sexual Trauma

"In 2010, 108,121 veterans screened positive for military sexual trauma, and 68,379 had at least one Veterans Health Administration outpatient visit for related conditions. Also in 2010, The Department of Defense processed reports of 3,198 new assaults but estimated the actual number of assaults to be closer to 19,000. However, these reports only resulted in convictions against 244 perpetrators." -MST Article

This hits so very close to home for me.... Someday, when/if I can ever truly come to terms with my own history, I may share the true facts surrounding my medical discharge from the Marine Corps and the PTSD that never leaves....

Our current Active Duty Sisters need our help NOW!  Nothing has changed in the past 11 years.   Our little sisters are being attacked, publicly shamed, all over the internet, in person and throughout their commands. For HORRENDOUS acts that were intentionally done against THEM. For standing up for themselves and bringing to light the acts of Cowards, Assailants, Pieces of Shits... Rapists.  


Please watch the documentary called "The Invisible War". Share it with as many people as you can. Other Female Military Members especially. 

Victims are still not likely to report the assault and when they do they’re very likely to be blamed for it—an awful reality that re-traumatizes the victim.  
Do not let being a victim turn you into only that! There is help out there, there are ways to work through it and seek justice.

I, along with many friends who are Female Active Duty Members and Veterans are here as well! 

Semper Fi

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  1. There is healing for the broken heart and HE can bind up your wounds...that is my prayer for you tonight:) Just for posting this you have taken a step in the right direction (((((hugs)))))


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