10 February 2013

Baby B's First Steps!!!

Look out world! Mikey-man is mobile in more than one way! Last night he decided to wobble his way over to his Big Brother after our movie night and during their play time together before bed!!! Of course I was in complete shock sitting there watching him, tried to get video at the last second instead of pictures... :( But we had some fun getting him to do so again and again! :) After several rounds he was spent! But big brother was so very excited!!!! We sent the video clips to daddy too! He was excited but at the same time wish he could have waited until he got home... Ha! No keeping the little dude from getting to his big brother!


  1. its always amazing to see a baby walk for the first time. there's a set of twin girls in my church who just turned 1 on friday. and they've been walking and it's amazing to watch. i could watch it all day long and never get tired of seeing it.

    first time viewer here. enjoyed this post. and i know you're enthused about mikey walking and sounds like big bro is too. heck i would be too and showing it to the world like you did. :D

  2. Awwww how amazing!! I love the videos. :)


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