18 April 2013

Throwback Thursday.... Baby Fever?!?!

So many bloggy friends are pregnant, just had a baby this month or have little ones under 3 months.... Am I crazy for thinking "I want another baby" when ours just turned ONE 2 weeks ago!?!?! And a few weeks ago I was telling my husband that I think I'm done.... Until he laid out his wants and thoughts on it all and suddenly I'm saying lets start trying now! ;) Well, at least the practice of trying.... But we have unofficially stated we'll see where he's at with his new command in 6 months, and go from there. :)

So, in the meantime, I'll just take in photos of all my friends baby bumps and little ones, and try to remind myself that I still need to catch up on the lack of sleep over the past year and half from our little monkey!

Pregnant with the Man-Child 4 days before he was born Sept. 2004

Pregnant with the Mini Marine 3 days before he was born April 2012


  1. I've had the bug for almost 5 years now! I'm so ready to have my first child but were not married yet and there are other things we'd like to do first. I try not to get depressed when it seems like everybody and their sister are pregnant, but it's hard not to feel jealous! I just remind myself that it will happen when it's meant to and to be happy for other people's blessings ;) xo!
    Ps you are super cute preggers!

  2. You look so great pregnant!! :)

  3. Im ready to get this baby out! I have 2 months to go and Im so ready! Im just glad that my hubby will actually be home for the birth this time rather than on deployment.

  4. I am happy to hear you plan to have another. I'll get my baby fixes from you!! :) I had very hard pregnancy's and decided I was so done after we had our son. Difficulty conceiving/carring and months of bed-rest with both children when I finally did conceive. Was enough to convince me to "fix" that problem. We have one boy and one girl that is perfect for us. Now I just plan to borrow my friends babies when I get any maternal urges. :)So, go ahead drink the water, I'll be happy to babysit! :)

  5. That is me at this point. I live through others, because after being high risk in my second pregnancy, we aren't going back for another, but I still love looking at my pregnancy pics. You looked amazing and if you do go back for number three, I will live through you, too :)

  6. Same here!! All of these beautiful little babies online make me want another. I always hate being pregnant while I'm pregnant, but once it's over I miss it. I'm looking forward to having one more, but that's definitely it.

  7. haha that is funny jenni when you said "the practice of trying"!

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  9. I saw you featured on Fun Friday and came to say hello. :) These pictures are great. I can't even remember the last time I took mine out to have a look. Happy weekend to you.

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