30 April 2013

Month of the Military Child ♥ Honoring Our Military Children~Last Week

A big thanks to many friends from my Blog Facebook Page that shared your pictures and stories of your Military Children during Month of the Military Child! The turnout was beyond amazing, over 100 little ones have had their photo shared and loved by all. There are so many more Military Children in the world, and I thank each and every single one of them for all that they take on as a child with a parent/parents serving our Nation. You are all stronger than you know. Keep your heads up and those sweet smiles upon your face! Bless each and every one of you. Thank you.

Luevano My husband and our babies after a Patriotic themed parade her school put together.
Heath These are our babies Brenton 3 and Alexa 2 and we are in our second deployment in 2 years :'( cannot wait to have daddy home safely!
McKerchie My husband and our 5 month old son Oakley.
Carolus My hubby the day our son was born he is a marine vet
Pyle Austin 5 years old & Zoe 3 weeks old
Sant Hey everyone I wanted to share my story. I am currently 21 and in this picture I was seven and my dad was a Staff Sgt I have been a Marine brat for as long as I know. I have endured deployments , moves and so many changes but no matter what I couldn't have a better bond with my now Two Star General Daddy. I love him and I couldn't be prouder to be a military child. I thought I would share my story since I see all the pride on here with there babies. May God Bless you all.
Lopez Lopez This is our son Jaden Bryant, hes 2 and just went through his first deployment daddy just got home this past weekend
Nelson This is my little boy! He loves his stepdaddy Sgt. Benjamin Nelson!
Phillips This is our daughter Audrey Louise with her daddy Sgt Phillips. She was born while he was on recruiting duty so she hasn't had to do deployments yet but she has been incredible with all the strains that come with recruiting duty (daddy's long work hours, and constant overnight trips to MEPS). Best of all, she loves to walk around yelling "oo rah!" She's definitely her daddy's little girl :)
Miranda These are my children Alexandria who will be 16 yrs next week and my son DeMarco, 11yrs. Their daddy is a GySgt who has been serving proudly in the Marine Corps for 20 yrs. My children had to endure with moving, new schools and making new friends. There were many times when daddy had to miss birthdays, holidays, games, and was on a six month deployment when Alexandria was born. My kids had to endure military life but they learned to be brave and strong. My husband is retiring next year and the kids are looking forward to be spending more quality time with their daddy. : )
Meyer These are my marine babies! My oldest, Zaiah, is 5. The twins, Payson and Gunner, are 2. And the baby of the family is Hattie and she is 2 months old! My husband was deployed for the birth of our oldest, and luckily made it back from his 3rd deployment 3 weeks before the twins were born.
McKean Our daughters Madilyn, 9, and Alexis, 7. We are a dual military family. My husband is in the Army and I'm a Marine.
Perkins My 2 little blessings :) Kassie is 3 & baby Michael is 1! Their daddy is a U.S Marine, Semper Fi ♥
Bagwell My daughter's newborn photos. The boots in the picture have been with my husband to two tours in Iraq.
Clark This is my daughter Lily, born October 1st 2012. This pic was taken when she was about 3 weeks old. She was being daddys drill instructor ;) haha
Benson My sweet little girl cannot wait to have her Daddy back from Deployment! Aislynn, 12 weeks
Maynard They love their Marine ♥
Marley Jace Marley & Rylee and Eden (Jace's big sisters) daddy is a Marine.
Sosebee This is my son, Konnor, who turns one on April 12 :) my husband left for Afghanistan a few weeks after we found out I was expecting. Konnor was overdue by four days, and his daddy happened to come home only five hours before I went into labor. I thank God everyday he was able to be home to celebrate the birth of our little miracle
Vilano Daddy left when our son was a week born for a deployment in Afghanistan. After 7 months they're going to re-unite ♥
Miles Our son Jace with his daddy, John ♥ John is an infantryman in the Army ♥
Riddle This is my husband SSgt Riddle and our kids Nicholas, Julian, and Ellie.....and baby Sophie is on the way! These are the loves of my life and I'm honored to have my Marine as my husband!
Shelton This is my husband and our 2 kids Aiden (5) and Baylee (2) on Easter
Pitzen She is wearing a Warrior shirt
Pitzen Daddy and daughter at the Strawberry Festival. I wish you could see his Wounded Warrior tattoo
Puente Our family of three, 8 years in 12 More to go.
Duran Our little ones Kassandra (4 years old) and Joseph (2 years old) waiting for there daddy Sgt. Duran to come home from Iraq.
Fletcher ♥ Sean was sent on his second deployment to Iraq while I was pregnant with our first child, Damien was born in November, 3 months before Sean was to come home. They "talked" all the time on Skype, and it was amazing the first time that they met ♥
Fletcher When Sean met his son for the first time....I had left Maine for Havelock, NC a few weeks before Sean was scheduled to come home (hurry up and wait you know?) and we were hanging out in the hotel...Sean got home in the middle of the night, and Damien was wide awake and they just stared at each other ♥
LaPorto My son is in the USMC and is deployed. His son was born April 10th and he won't get to meet him until the end of September/beginning of October.
Sanders Alliana born 4/26/2013 with her daddy
West This is Jadrian Elijah West. Born April 5, 2013 at 0833 8.2 lbs and 20 inches long. Parents are dual military. Daddy left 3 weeks before he was born and won't meet him until at least November. Mommy thought this was the only way they could both be with their baby as a newborn so she got this picture of him in his daddy's blues and added their picture of them at the ball.
Becker This is Braxton Sage Becker! Born April 18,2013 at 23:30. 7lbs 15.8oz His Daddy was in 29 Palms the day he was born watching from Skype, we were told previously he would not be allowed home until after schooling was over but surprised us Saturday 1am pushing him into the room! Best day of our lives!
Craig 1st birthday, USMC, Daddy and Son ♥


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