19 June 2012

And The Kreative Blogger Award Goes To.....

MEEEE!!! (Said in the Legally Blonde voice).  :) 

A big shout out thanks to my gal over at Complete Jensanity for putting me up to this awesomeness! She is a new Marine Wifey who has a background story that I can relate with in so many ways. She has a pair of kids (yes twins) that have kept this woman on her toes, and has motivated her to continue to excel in all that she has done and will ever do! So I mentioned she's a wife to a MARINE! And we all know what Marine's are right, HOTT! I know mine is, and I know her's is too from a post she made last month..... Don't come after me girl I'm just giving you a compliment, YOU DONE GOOD! :)) (Hopefully the grammar there doesn't sound like nails on a chalkboard for this amazing Junior High School teacher!) :) 

Rules were to acknowledge who graciously gave this award to me, Mrs. Jensanity as mentioned so sweetly above, answer the seven questions below and give 10 random-ass facts.... It's that moment when someone asks you about yourself and suddenly you don't know who the hell you are..... :) READY...... GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Question and Answers:

What is my favorite song?
What a horrible question to ask…. And I hate it when it is presented. Out of the thousands of millions of songs out there I have to pick one?!?! Those that know me well know I have weeks (possibly a month) worth of stored music. Those that know me in person have seen my music collection…. Sigh…. I am and will always be a Third Eye Blind fan (no matter their political views)…. I’ll have to stick with Motorcycle Drive By for today’s mood. (because we all know music is dependent on what mood we're in).

What is my favorite dessert?
Baskin Robbins Chocolate Chip…. It is truly laced with the best drug in the world (that is my excuse for having to have it so much, especially when I was pregnant). It doesn’t help that I worked there when I was in HS either…

What do you do when you are upset?
Like Mrs. Jensanity I clean like a MoFo! My husband knows to stand clear when the kitchen and bathrooms suddenly smell of Lysol and bleach….. Funny thing is I had recently found out that my aunt on my dad’s side does the same thing!

Favorite pet?
I don’t think a person ever gets over their childhood pet…. I had a dog that I was raised with from birth until 9 or 10. He was bitten by another dog in the leg and a tumor formed…. He had to be put down. There’s a newspaper clipping of me and him playing tug-o-war that I keep on my fridge. His name was Sabre, half bulldog (mom) half St. Bernard (dad) and he was my big brother who I’ve been told could out drink any man in the bars! :)

White or Whole Wheat?
I’m a whole wheat kind of girl. (With the push from my dad and now husband).

What is your biggest fear?
My fear for me is drowning. Fear for my children is something terrible happening to them in any manner. I have woken up from dreams in tears and full of sweat over them being hurt or taken. Of course they are peacefully sleeping tucked away in their beds but it doesn’t make the dream feel any less unreal.

What is your attitude mostly?
I am quoting Jensanity here:  “Most would say pessimist.  I say realist based on the events of my life.” EXACTLY!!! My Husband tries so hard to have me be more optimistic….. And I love him for that, but in all honesty he helps level me out with my negativity. What can I say? I’ve overcome some great hurdles and then there are others that have steel enforced, mile high walls surrounding them.  


1. I’m always thinking something terrible is going to happen…. Don’t ask me why but I can look at an item or situation and see how it can play out into the worst case scenario…. Action/Horror movies tend to be less intense for me because of this. 

2. I can wake at the slightest sound or movement of our children, but when an earthquake occurs or high winds I can sleep right through it as though everything were peachy keen.

3. I have a foul mouth and a temper. I try to clean it up around the kiddos, FB and here but get me chatting with my buddies or even my hubby and you might want to plug your ears if you don’t want to hear it.

4. My past haunts me. There is no way to get rid of it, and it doesn’t come around daily as it use to, but the times that it does requires rum, some tunes off my special playlist and the hubby to curl up to after. Other days it simply requires a target, gun and full magazine/chamber. I have a deadly aim.

5. I am a jealous person…. Period. (It does help that my husband is too).  

6. I am capable of eating and entire large pizza on my own. I prefer the thin crust buffalo chicken from Dominos… (Another place I worked at when I was younger) lol

7. I grew up living in Sammy Hagar’s old house in Fontana CA. I have seen him in concert once, a few days before leaving for boot camp.

8. I grew up listening to Rock & Roll and Country (alternative, rap, hip/hop and everything else came during high school), going to the beach and river every summer, hitting up the mountains to ski and snowboard during the winter, playing out doors til the sun went down, making mud holes in the backyard for an obstacle course, riding dirt bikes and playing baseball.

9. I have traveled to many places in the past 4 years that I have always wanted to go to but never had the chance while living on the west coast. There are so many more places on the east coast and other countries that I hope to see one day. (View my bucketlist blog here).

10. I own a 1967 Chevelle…. She is a pain in my fucking ass, but I love her and want to make her look pretty. I am hoping she will be done by the time our oldest graduates from high school. 10 years is a good goal for a car to be completely restored right??? 

Well now the time has come to pick out a few of my fav blogs on here to present them with this fun award. Here we go:

This chick has seen some crazy days being newly stationed in HI with her Marine hubby. But she manages to put a pretty smile on her face, travel the land and take some great pictures, put up with hotel living out of a suitcase with their two dogs until their base housing is able to be moved into, and lost her car due to a sleeping driver!!! I live vicariously through this lady and all her Hawaiian adventures! 

Here's a chick I found via a blog hop/blog star that is living the life with her family in Baharain.... Yes another place I am jealous of not being. She's a mommy to two gorgeous kids with another on the way, has a laid back sweet and loving attitude. Avid blogger, pinner, song writer, shopper and has begun to make some yummy meals for her beautiful Air Force family!  So much to read and enjoy here!

This page is written by another Marine Wife who has a wide variety of experience that has been my go-to page for finding new ideas for around the home and activities for the kiddos. 

This blog has great recipes, WINE, and everyday life happenings of a Marine Wife and her family. Love it all! <3 

There are so many more that I LOVE but baby needs to be changed. :) Such is the life of a mommy! You can also click on my profile and see all the blogs I follow and enjoy! <3 


  1. Congrats on your award!!!

    #5 = ditto! :p

    xoxo -Shar

  2. So does that make you Completely Jensane, too? It's fun to know I'm not the only crazy out there. And that whole "worst case scenario"? Totally me. Didn't Maya Angelou say "Expect the worst, hope for the best, and you'll be prepared for anything in between". I think that about sums it up, no matter who said it. And I'm excited to go check out all these new blogs...Yay!

  3. Congrats to you...and thank you for mentioning my blog! I appreciate that. I will get to answering the list of questions and nominating my own favorites shortly...i.e. when the kiddos give me another opportunity to sit at the computer! ;) You know how that goes. All the best to you! http://www.thestay-at-home-momsurvivalguide.blogspot.com


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