12 February 2012

Shop 'til You Drop, Just Don't Drop the Baby!

I have been in a mood lately..... Well not just a "single" mood.... Let's just say the husband quoted the movie Knocked Up yesterday about "Crazy F'n Hormones" and keeping them happy....  LOL.... Yesterday was a FULL day! To the nail salon for having my toes done and then out to NB to find a dress for the ball in 4 days. No luck. Purchase present for Jake's buddy's birthday and back to base for his birthday party at the bowling alley. From there out to J-Ville to continue the hunt for a baby BUMP dress. Is it me or are dresses these days focusing on BRIGHT, BLINDING, NEON colors? Out are the days of classy, sophisticated, sleek and sexy? Sigh...... Was able to locate a nice green dress at J. Nicholson but then decided the price of $199 for a dress that I didn't completely fall in love with and would only get because it did fit nicely over me a Mikey was not worth it..... So off we were again. Now I will say this.... All my ball gowns, school dance dresses, etc from the past have been over $100 topping off at a little over $400.... Not a price range for this particular dress that I wanted to be anywhere close to. So with one more place in mind we went and now I have purchased 3 dresses, 2 long, 1 short all together for Under $100!
Why 3 dresses? Because Lord only knows what mood I'll be in and how I will be feeling come Thursday.... Yes... It has come to even me being taken over by my crazy hormones and mixed feelings about getting all dolled up and going into public with the big baby belly. :-/ But I did buy a pair of cute flats to dance the night away in :))) That is a part of the evening I am looking forward to most! I love dancing and I love dancing with my hubby, so this event should be fun fun! The last time we have been out dancing (not just dancing around the house) was in July.... around the same week Baby Mikey was conceived actually.... LOL.
Well, after the mini dressy attire shopping spree (during which the guys made their way to a game store) I was able to make my way to Kirklands..... That store and Pier One are the devil.... I was capable of containing myself this time with the thoughts of the few items that are a MUST get for Baby B before his arrival, but I seriously dreamed about half of the things I saw and wanted in a dream filled with getting rid of all the old decor and revamping the house with all new items.... A complete HGTV show of our house in my dream... LOL

After all of the shopping we went on to the movie theater and caught the showing of Star Wars Episode 1 in 3D. I was disappointed with it, thinking there would be light sabers and lasers coming out at us and so on.... But, Jacob loved it and is looking forward to the others coming to the big screen again!

Finally once we got home and got him to bed I laid myself down in the shower and relaxed under the rain water shower head with pandora music streaming in the room.... It was then that I noticed how swollen my feet were..... The baby weight and hours of walking/being on my feet did take its toll after all... Enter bed and begin those dreams of redoing the house decor and putting down the new flooring. At least the latter will be done in the next month! :))


  1. Can't wait to see how beautiful you are going to look in any of the 3 dresses you chose =) Big Hugs to all of you.

  2. :-/ Eh, we'll see.... I'd rather wear jean and a t-shirt and be comfy at this point... LOL.... But given that it is formal, it would probably be frowned upon... :P


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