07 February 2012

Every Pregnancy Is Different..... Ya, NO KIDDING!

I love the feeling of baby Mikey growing inside of me, tossing, turning, kicking, but not so much when it seems like he wraps his little toes around my upper ribs to the point that I think I have either a huge cramp or have just been punched under the boob and received a cracked rib..... Owwwweeee!!! Then there is this daily shot in the belly of blood thinners that I must take as a preventative measure against blood clots.... Not something I had to deal with during my previous pregnancy. Now to add to it I have been told I have gestational diabetes. Really? How? I didn't start the pregnancy out being over weight, I have not gained a whole lot of weight (currently only 21 lbs gained when it would normally range anywhere between 25-35 from what I have read), I have never had high blood pressure, and I've never given birth to baby over 9lbs, though Jake came close. But then it says causes of it can be: if you're over 25... Damn got me there.. Have had unexplained miscarriage, yep got me there too, twice documented. And family history of diabetes, guess what I found out yesterday... 1 Aunt, 1 Uncle, has it and Grandma use to.... Ffffffff...... I of course immediately started doing research on it..... And in no way did that help subside my worries or fears.... Possibility of getting type 2 later on in life, possibility of the baby being born with it or getting it later in his life, possibility of large birth weight and/or obesity later in life, possibility of him having low blood sugar levels, and the the part that made me break down in tears, possibility of newborn death or still birth........... Air exits lungs, tears roll, and cry out my concerns and fears to my loving husband.... This little man is what I have wanted for so very long and the possibility of that being taken away..... No, I won't allow it, so begins the cycle of watching everything I consume, which is actually going to be easier than I thought since my hubby does so for fun for his workouts. He has decided that he will be my dietitian. Ehhhh, grrrrreeeeeaaatttt.... 

 I have been told at least I do not have take an insulin shot. I have to monitor what I eat (diet while pregnant? Seriously?) and track my blood sugar levels. Day 1 morning before breakfast blood sugar: 86, good it should be below 100, an hour after breakfast, 151... Damn it should be at 130 or lower.... A bowl of cereal in milk and 2 bites of the hubby's eggs and a 151???? This is my normal/typical breakfast.... :-/ Mid morning snack (at this point I'm starving, feeling nauseous, weak, and sleepy) consisted of nuts, a cup of coffee (with little creamer, no sugar), yogurt, and a sliver slice of coconut cake from a co-workers birthday. Lunch: a small cup of yummy pasta salad, 1 kiwi, and some sliced up chicken breasts dipped in ranch. Not so bad, but I still felt hungry.... An hour after lunch, blood sugar was at 98, YAY!!!! But then again.... Feeling a bit woozy.... Need more food! Afternoon snack 1 grapefruit, 2 nature valley granola bars. At home snack, cherry tomatoes dipped in ranch and a slice of cheese. Dinner: fettuccine, kielbasa, and green beans. An hour after dinner blood sugar was at 109!!! Awesome!!!! :)))  What I need to do is find and buy some fresh yummy veggies to snack on throughout the day... I can have as many veggies as I'd like, which is good but not exactly my craving.... My craving has revolved around fruits and baked potatoes.... When I was preggers with Jake I craved veggies though, can you make yourself crave something and be satisfied with it??? LOL   

Sleep has been good, it is even better during the day on the weekends though.... Evenings are spent sleeping and waking every 2-3 hours with a baby trying to make my blatter empty without my assistance. Sometimes it is easy to get right back to bed other times my mind wonders to the things that need to be done the following day or that week. Then there are those nights where dreams are so vivid that I wake up in a pool of sweat. Window being opened at night with the overhead fan on has become the best way for me to sleep nicely. The hubby doesn't seem to like the cold too much though, and most of the covers have started ending up on his side forcing me to yank and pull at them to get some coverage. (Doesn't matter how hot it is for me I have to have covers to sleep).  

To be honest, with all that keeps "coming about" with this little miracle of ours, I will be so much happier when he comes into this world and we can make sure, in person, that he is taken care of and doing great.... Looking forward to holding him more and more as each day passes!  


  1. I love you so much my beautiful baby girl =) love reading your blogs and updates. Obviously others do too lol..wishing they were half as beautiful inside and out and even just a tad as creative as you are. Ahhh the Envy smells so sweet. What a great compliment...to be Envied and Copied =) Big Hugs xoxo

    Love, Mom

  2. ;) Love you too ma!!! It is quiet amusing! Oh well, envy (especially in this case) obviously aims high.... And I may be able to be copied but never duplicated ;))))

  3. Exactly! I couldn't agree more =) xoxo


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