01 February 2012

Oh Boy! Time is going by so fast.....

February.... ALREADY?!?!?!? So much time, so little to do.... HA! I wish!!!! 2 1/2 months left until the arrival of Baby Mikey... And there is still SO MUCH to get done. I really wanted to have all the flooring done prior to his arrival. Carpeting is just so disgusting.... But then, at the same time, I have a number in my head for what I want to have in savings before he arrives. Unfortunately, it seems like I have to make a choice between 5,000 less in savings and wood flooring or more in savings and hold off on the wood flooring.... Boooo. Of course I could wait until the first month back at work and have the flooring done then, but, as my husband knows I'm not a patient person (even though I have waited almost two years to have the flooring done)... :p Sigh. That of course is not the only item on the list. Getting the house in some sort of "order" for baby is going to be a never ending process... I bought this house for just me and our son (his stepson, but he is very much a father to him). The yard is bigger than the house itself. 2 bdr 2 ba. 998 sqft....... Not a whole lot of room for a family of soon to be 4 with 2 german shepherds. :)))

But we are stuck here until May 2013 (unless he gets orders prior to) because of the $8,000 tax credit. Not something I'd like to have to pay back, especially since all of our credit debt (except for vehicles) will be paid off next month. It works out nicely though because we are able to put a large chunk of our income away to savings monthly since mortgage, utilities and cable/internet barely pass over $1,000 a month. I have become quite the thrifty shopper for the baby too and continue to use coupons during most grocery purchases. :) But as each day gets closer to baby Michael coming I grow a little more anxious with how the arrangement will work out... I plan on going back to work as soon as possible after, but he's not able to go to daycare until he is 6 weeks old... Which, I know that too will fly by. It's weird for me I guess... I know that not being able to go to work for longer than a week is going to drive me bonkers.... The most time that I have ever been out of work since I was 15 was 2 1/2 months. That was when I first moved out here to NC from Cali. And even then I worked for a week in between that "unemployment phase" at a location that let me go because they caught wind that I was seeking employment on the base as well. (Needless to say that sucked and was upsetting but luckily I received a job offer on base which was followed by another job offer on base on my first day at job 1, stayed at job 1 for 2 weeks and transferred to job 2 which was where I stayed until a couple years ago and that promoted me to job 3). :))) Yes, I am my father's daughter, a work-a-holic. But then at the same time I have that stinging guilt sensation of not being there for Jake and soon to be Michael as my mom was for my brother and me and as my stepmom was for my younger brothers.... So on one hand is being the work-a-holic I am and on the other hand is being a stay at home mom... Big Deep Heavy Sigh... A decision that will be there for another day to make.... (Probably while I'm sitting at my desk at work after Mikey is born)....
Still, time is flying by.... Next month we have two baby classes to attend, budget for baby and a baby boot camp course. I am looking forward to seeing my husband change a diaper, even if it is on a doll first... LOL. Every two weeks now will be appointments. We are still waiting to find out how the birthing experience will go. I'll be getting seen at a new location to talk about a VBAC and may wind up staying with that hospital because I have been told by so many that they are more "baby friendly" than the local hospital in New Bern, (it is about an hour away though, so we will see). Then the doctor that we saw yesterday was actually pretty amazing compared to the others that we have been seen by. My husband liked him a lot and said he was much more patient orientated and gave straight answers about everything. I asked him about his c-section practices and that information was comforting.  This entire medical experience is so different for me than it was with Jake. Although he was born on a military base, I had a better familiarity there than I do with the civilians right now. I am constantly being switched between one doc and another right now and it leaves so many questions asked several times and no real knowledge or comfort with all that is going on.... Not a whole lot of time left to figure out what will and will not be taking place. (Well there is still some time but not with someone that is a planner to the Nth degree and wants it all sorted out.... last month.)    

I have a feeling with all that needs to take place, the next 2 months are going to fly by.....


  1. I wanna be like you. Maybe not so much of a work-a-holic, but yeah. What is this VBAC about? (I hope I got that right)

  2. LOL..... It is a stressful, fun, crazy, and interesting road to take. VBAC is vaginal birth after cesarean.... I'd rather try or at least find out if I can than just schedule an appointment to have him cut out of me not knowing...


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