25 January 2012

Let's Talk About Sex & Pregnancy

Once that baby bump starts appearing it can make for some uncomfortable moments, especially in the bedroom. When my hubby left for his 2 1/2 month deployment he left a wifey with barely a baby bulge and came back to a steadily growing baby BUMP. Which has, of course, grown even larger in the past month of him being home. During one of my scares of visiting the ER, I was informed that the spotting could have had to do with intercourse from a few days prior.... Then we were told to not do so for a week.... Hmmmm, ok.... That lasted 4 days. It is said the the woman's libido is increased during the second trimester...... Mine seems to have decided to carry on into the third trimester for the complete lack of it during most of my second trimester while he was gone..... It amazes me that he still finds me "sexy". Here I feel like I have a 10lbs watermelon as a belly with two large cantaloupes attached to my chest, no make-up and hair in disarray yet daily/nightly he is finding some way to rub up on me and either insinuate or just plain show what his goal is.... Tangling up the bed sheets. Of course, all while making me feel sexy like (name the prettiest/sexiest woman you can think of), the entire time. For me, the past couple weeks have been that feeling of not doing so enough.... Thank you "pregnancy honeymoon"! :))))

Now the actual action of doing so with a baby BUMP (I capitalize because it is much more than a bump now, more like a watermelon)..... Finding the most comfortable position of course is ideal but in doing so both need to think about the belly and the baby in the belly. Laying on your back (missionary) for even a short amount of time is not advised due to baby pushing on certain nerves and main veins. Missionary with you on top can be done but still, don't lay/push on your belly.... Coming up with different ways that works best for you and baby belly is great, BE CREATIVE. It is even recommended (for most, meaning those that do not have complications) to do so and do so often. Of course you could look up different positions that others have tried to get an idea, I did and it helped out a little, but honestly it has proven for us to be more enjoyable to just test the waters while in action of different comfortable, fun, and sometimes slightly exotic positions. Making love should be both pleasurable and enjoyable, especially while being pregnant.
Side effects can be a bit discomforting, spotting may occur, slight/mild contractions, and of course a little bit of weakness. Then of course we all know the possible positive side effects of increased energy, the release of endorphins and euphoric hormones that are released to you and baby, release of stress and just plain satisfaction.

So if you haven't been told differently by your doc.... JUST DO IT!  :p

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