16 January 2012

I Have No Legs!!!!! (Or feet)....

{Looking Straight Down.... Bye Bye Feet, see you in a couple months....}

Yep, it is official, 27 weeks into pregnancy and my feet have disappeared.... From the belly down body parts are missing unless observed via mirror or finding some strange uncomfortable angle for a slightly better view. Of course this was discovered last night in the shower as I was attempting to find a non-deathly position to shave.... At which shaving has now become an Olympic event in itself.... Could I go without doing so, sure, my husband wouldn't care, he'd poke fun at me, but it wouldn't bother him if he knew how much of a struggle it is. But, with him home, I hate having hair where I find it just should never be in the first place. If he weren't here, I'd deal with not doing so since it is winter and I can wear pants everywhere anyway. But for now, or until I have to turn into some origami figure/contortionist, I will find a way. I had a co-worker tell me her daughter would steady herself with one foot on the sink to do so when she was pregnant, my clumsy butt would probably fall and take the sink with me if I were to attempt that... lol Then of course there is my husband who "compliments" how big my belly has grown since he's been home. And how he is going to make me so fat and the baby huge, lol. :p Keep feeding my boy protein, is what he says, I'm going to have him doing {name any exercise} by the time he's 2!! LOL....  Only a month since he's been back and I have gained 10lbs, makes up for the lack of weight gained during the three months he was deployed, that's for sure! It was all that good home eating over the holidays!!! :)) It shows tremendously all throughout the belly and chest, my co-workers continue to say how everything else on me looks the same, but I can see it in my face and a bit in my arms too. I do wonder how big this "little" guy will be. We swore Jake would be 5lbs since dad was less than 3 lbs and mom was less than 6 lbs, he turned out to be a big bouncing boy of 8lbs 11ounces...... And the going home outfit we had for him fit his teddy bear, not him, so a run to the house had to be made for a different outfit. :)))

Tomorrow we go in for a regular appointment/check-up followed by our first 3d/4d ultrasound. This just so happens to land on Daddy's birthday too :))) Making it all that more special. I have never had one done, I've seen them and, yes, have even youtubed them, so I am very excited to have the opportunity to do so. Technology is pretty darn sweet for pregnancies now-a-days. :)))

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