13 January 2012

3 day weekends are a blessing!


This evening is the start of a "free" 3 day weekend for us. I love this time of year when all the time off is holiday pay and I can hold onto what little paid time off I have. Most of my time off gets taken by a sick little boy, a sick mommy, prenatal appointments, etc. Such is the life of a prego mommy while her hubby was deployed. That's right, WAS! He is home now, and all is right with the world. He came home a few days before Christmas and we spent the holiday back in his home town, the windy city, with his family and friends. It was a wonderful visit, but much too short, especially for him. He was able to show me a portion of his childhood, schools, friends, stories, pictures (which is always a favorite of mine to look at), and of course the home he grew up in, which is where we stayed with his parents and younger brother.

Since he has been home it has been a whirl wind and the days seem to just fly by.... New Years I was tired and cranky but he had me stay up and watch the ball drop. Then my birthday just 10 days later.... That's right I am now 28, but I feel better than I did when I was pregnant with Jake at age 20! :)) I love being pregnant, even when my feet start to swell and my back feels like someone is attempting to drill a screw into the nerves along my lower back... All of this comes as a blessing every time I feel baby Michael show off his water aerobic stunts throughout my belly. Oh yea! We found out just before Christmas that we are having a BOY!!!!!! Baby Butta is now known as baby Michael Richard Butta!!!! :))) Daddy's middle name as the baby's first name and my dad's first name as the baby's middle name. Perfect!!!

SO this weekend is going to be a bit different. While we were back home for Christmas we spent time with a very close friend of his who is getting married next month in Miami. After they shared a few drinks the bachelor party idea got thrown around with Las Vegas in mind. Then and there I told my hubby he HAAAAASSSS to go! He's never been and going with his buddies first would be the ideal experience. Lo-and-behold that trip is this weekend, which just so happens to be the weekend right before his birthday this Tuesday the 17th. :) I kissed him goodbye around 4am this morning as he left to go to the airport. Is it bad that I pushed so hard for him to go? Is it bad that I'm glad he caved in and went? Is it bad that I'm glad he's not here this weekend so I can get a few things done that I would not have been able to if he were here (i.e. the making of his birthday presents). :p Tomorrow alone will be a busy day with Jake's Build and Grow  at Lowes followed immediately by basketball pictures and scrimmage games!!! :))) And then Sunday and Monday will be dedicated to arts and crafts for Jake and I. :))) What I plan on making.... I'm still not sure.... lol.... I have several items in mind but want to also save something to be made for Valentine's Day next month. <3

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