14 January 2012

Pregnancy Brain At It's Finest Hour

Where is it? I put it right there.... Did I lose it again? Why is nothing where I can find it???

Yep, it is that time of the pregnancy again... I have officially lost more memory in the past week than I can recall ever having in the first place.... lol, (get it?) :p  And the one thing that has suffered the most out of it all is my garage interior door knob... It has taken my aggression, aggravation, irritation, sarcastic comments and anger all at once. It has been utterly destroyed via hammer and a mother in a hurry. For the second time this week I assumed my keys to be in either A. coat pocket or B. purse. Both times they were sitting nicely upon the kitchen counter top behind locked doors and windows. 1st time was after lunch during the week, luckily I had my phone on me and not in the truck, which was locked, so I was able to call my husband to rescue me. 2nd time (today) a phone call to him would have rendered us stranded outside in the truck for a few days since he is across the country until Monday.... Luckily the truck was unlocked this time and I was able to use the garage door opener to gain access to at least the garage. Which as soon as I opened our dogs bolted out into the neighborhood causing me and our son to play cowboys and wrangle them back in. Unfortunately the door to go inside the house was locked too. Which left me with two options, pick the lock (no time for that, as we had 15 min to be at the gym for Basketball pictures and games) or beat the CRAP out of the door knob with a hammer and gain access.... I took option number two... I almost went for the sledge hammer and decided that would cause much more damage than was necessary and I'd rather replace a knob than an entire door... :p  So, it worked and we made our way to the gym on base at the exact time he needed to be there by... Yay to Super Mommy!!!

Keys have become my biggest inconvenience.... As for other forgetful moments... The oven is my second worst followed closely/tied by my straightener or curling iron. And then of course there is the list of things to do that I am constantly rewriting due to misplacement and/or that wonderful grocery list that I take out of my purse to write one more thing down that gets left at the desk or kitchen table, and of course this is not realized until I'm at the store. Bring on the Third Trimester!!! :))))

There are many articles out there showing how pregnancy brain is proven as a real diagnosis for memory loss due to blood flow etc, and advice on how to overcome it, here is one:

 This seems to sum up myself at least once a day...

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  1. Well I hope you don't forget your Hubby when you go into the hospital! (lol)


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