05 January 2012

Thirsty Thursday

Today I want a caramel apple spice from Starbucks.... This has become my drink from them once again. (This is how my Starbucks relationship began in high school, coffee wasn't my thing until after I had Jake).

Since the nearest one is about a 15-20min drive away (not like Cali with 5-10 within a 3-5mile radius) I will probably have to wait until the weekend to quench this thirst. I'd say it is a good thing though that it is so far away. Between my husband and I we would probably have to put a lean on our house for the amount that we would intake on a daily basis. :p For now, I'm downing my water and at lunch I consumed some grapefruit juice at home. Suck down the good stuff to treat myself over the weekend. :)

(Something else that I miss having easy access to, an In-n-Out milk shake..... nom nom nom)

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