22 January 2012

Big Bellied Prego Mama- 28 wks, 12 more to go!!!

As expected, baby boy Michael keeps growing at an incredible rate. Each week that passes I feel (and see via pictures) the expansion of my tummy become larger and larger.... And with the mid section growing so does the upper section. Both causing days of exhaustion and discomfort and evenings of uncomfortable sleep. I bought a belly wedge to help hold up Mikey and to prevent me from laying more on my tummy as I was tending to do. This product has helped out tremendously in that area, but then the lower back became jealous and began it's whining of wanting attention... Insert another pillow under back side. Then to even it out, and find the most comfort, put another pillow with blankets up to chest.  I must look like I am trying to cover myself in pillows..... :)))

Backaches are the worst, especially with a pinched nerve and a couple slipped/protruding discs. Acupuncture therapy has been known to help this and many other aches and pains.... But I am already shooting myself up with a shot of blood thinners every night. (which is huge for me because I hate needles) Piece of ice to freeze the area grit my teeth and get it over with.... Chest pain has been more severe the past week. It is under my left breast in the ribs and directly in the breast and feels as though it is an air bubble causing some pain with breathing. This was the root of an ER visit that came back inconclusive on the exact issue. But it did cross off a pulmonary embolism. Which is always a fear of mine with pain in that area since that is where it was before. Tests came back positive for blood clots but none of them were in my chest, so continually taking my meds are a must to help prevent that.  It is a little scarey reading more and more and hearing from the docs on how pregnancy alone can be the cause of blood clots for any woman, but a higher percentage rating for those that have had them in the past no matter what the reason behind it was. (I was told that my previous clot/PE in 2008 was caused by the NuvaRing and smoking, I am no longer allowed to be on any type of hormonal birth control because of this.) 

I have been looking into having a VBAC also.... Which I was informed the ratings for me are a 40-50% chance of that being able to take place because of the reasons behind my initial cesarean. Jake was bigger than we thought he'd be and after 2 hours of pushing and use of forceps he was unable to be pulled or pushed out. This is when I was told I didn't have "birthing" hips. I'll be going to another hospital for a review to see what can be done. I'm not one for taking no as an answer or that I can't do something... And from speaking to numerous other moms and through readings it seems c-sections are what most hospitals try and push for... Especially if you have already had one.... Plus, the recovery time is weeks upon weeks shorter! I am looking forward to finding out our birthing options and what location it will be taking place at.

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