27 May 2013

All Gave Some but Some Gave ALL

Memorial Day is a National Holiday dedicated to remember those that gave their lives selflessly to protect millions of American's they had never met. To allow us and future generations enjoy the freedoms that we are lucky to have.

A couple of years ago we were Honored to be in the presence of many of these Heroes on this day. Arlington National Cememtery is a sombering reminder of the sacrifices so many have made/will continue to make to give hope and a protection to our country. While many enjoy the day off with BBQ's, pool side, beach trips and travels, I find this to be a way that we also celebrate those that gave us the opportunity to be here. 

They have given their lives so we as a Nation can live our own knowing and appreciating the moments that we have together. While this is just one day out of the year, our Heroes sacrifices are lived through us all daily. The birth of a child in a Nation of freedom and unity, the right to fall in love and marry who we please, the moments we wake without the fear of losing our lives or our loved ones when we step out the door, our right to vote and so much more.... Our lives and happiness are because of these amazing men and women that have and continue to allow us to live them without fear of others taking away the wonderful freedoms we do have. 

I am grateful every day of my life, of my children's lives for the sacrifices these men, women and families have made. Thank you to all of our Military Members and families that have lost their loved ones so that we all may enjoy the time we have with our own. God Bless and Semper Fi! 


  1. Being at Arlington is such a humbling experience, I remember visiting my first time in 2009. So many heroes.

  2. I want to go to Arlington SO bad! Hope you guys had a good weekend!


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