26 November 2012

♥ Our Weekend Update ♥

Our Weekend started on Wednesday, truck having to be jumped to start, then again 3 hours later when we shut it off to get gas, made it to DC to drop off the man-child with his dad, and caught a flight to Chicago. Easy right? HA! Left at 10am. After the hubby and 15 other Marines bombarded the house and moved our 800lbs safe out of the back of my truck.

Arrived at 455.... Flight to leave 15 minutes later. All the while I was calling trying to get our flight switched to the next one, 5 hours later, and they kept telling me it would be an extra $1,300 a ticket. When we stopped at the gas station I went to the bathroom and cried.

Then the hubby and the man-child's dad piped up saying to at least try. So we rushed to the ticket counter and they were able to get us the last two tickets, separate seating, for free! Tears of joy and relief streamed!

We finally made it in, rental car and then to the house 15 hours after we had left....

Thanksgiving was great. I woke up with a swollen left eye... I think their cats were on the pillow case I used at one point and I had an allergic reaction. 

My MIL made a turkey in the oven and the guys worked on a turkey in the deep fryer. FIL wanted to try a Chipotle Marinade injection to it. While it was moist, it was just wasn't my kind of flavor. Luckily the legs weren't injected, (my favorite part), and that was delish! The hubby and I also learned how to make the family Kugelis! A dish that we will be making in our own home from now on too!

Around 830PM we went SHOPPING! Hubby's and my first time Black Friday (Thursday) shopping together. He was hilarious. He hates crowds and was saying random things out loud about crazy shoppers, idiot drivers, long lines, rude people you name it.... Our night ended around 130AM and then we were out again around 9AM. 

After shopping on Friday we hung out at home and then went out for Thai dinner and drinks with the family.
The man-child went ice skating for the first time with his dad!

Saturday was a Dim Sum brunch with the family in Chinatown and one of the hubby's college buddy's, then visiting his Aunt's new apartment with an awesome view and shooting some pool in the rec room. 
Home to visit another Aunt and Uncle, a little shopping downtown, bed and then up at 0530 to start the trip back. 

Out the door at 0600, and feeling like I had NO sleep. Plane, picked up man-child, had truck jumped again by his dad because the battery decided to still not work,  drove back in traffic that could cause any sane person to be admitted to a mental institution, refueling the truck while it was still on and then finally making it home 16 hours after having left his parents house.... 

31 hours of traveling total, all the while the man-child did great and baby did amazing (only an hour or so total of fussing throughout it!) 

It feels GREAT to be home!

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  1. Wow busy busy lady! sounds like you had a great time! :)


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