19 November 2012

Let the stress begin!

Looking back on the holidays when I was a child, I now understand why the women folk of the households were always in such an uproar. Whether we were traveling or having everyone over at our homes there is just so much STUFF to prepare for, ESPECIALLY when you have children! Just thinking about it all right now makes me want to go back in time to being a little kid and running around without a care in the world (other than winning a game of Pretty Pretty Princess)! 

I have been volun-told by the hubby that he, his brother and I will be preparing Thanksgiving dinner this year. His mom isn't feeling so well, and she STRESSES to the max with every single holiday out there, so we pulled the Grandson Card out her. She will have to spend time with little man because they haven't seen him since a few days after he was born. But this will be taking place AFTER we have driven to DC to drop the man-child off and then fly with baby to Chicago. Wednesday is going to be a loooong day, with an early wake-up call on Thursday for cooking.

Here's the thing though. They are a Polish family. She makes authentic Polish dishes.... I have NEVER heard of ANY of the dishes she made for Christmas last year..... Here is what I need.... PRAYERS!!!! She of course has recipes written out and the guys have already stated half of the dishes will not be made because they don't know how to make them either. She is set on the hubby making a certain dish (cannot recall the name) and that it's about time he learns it and makes it. Luckily the guys have decided to Deep Fry the turkey this year so that will free up some oven space and time. It will be all of our first time having/making it deep fried (prayers needed there too)!

It is our first Thanksgiving together as a married couple, last year he was deployed and the man-child and I enjoyed Thanksgiving with a few other deployed wives on base. As for Black Friday, we may go out in the morning or afternoon. But for whatever reason I'm just not "feeling" it this year. I have gone every year since Junior Year of high school, maybe I'm just "getting old". ;) 

What are your Thanksgiving plans? Have you ever had deep fried turkey?


  1. I had a deep fried turkey once and it was really good! Praying for you, hope it is more enjoyable and less stressful than you are anticipating!

  2. My uncle deep fried a turkey one year and it was delicious. Last year I just made a turkey roast and it was the best turkey I have ever had. But we have a small family-- only the two of us and a baby. I laughed when you call your son "man-child," as I call my baby "Gentleman Baby." LOL! I am slightly stressed this holiday as this is only the second time I have cooked the whole Thanksgiving dinner. My husband has a friend that didn't have anywhere to go so I told him to invite him over. Now if I mess up two people will know! Ack!


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