06 September 2012

***Throwback Thursday: Junior Year 00/01***

Junior year.... OH BOY!!! Talk about a year of fun times great friends and my first car (a 25th anniversary, 1992 RS Camaro)! The car was a beast and while it was bought rather cheap it of course had issues, the AC didn't work instead it was 2/60 (2 windows down, 60 miles per hour). I didn't care though. And when we'd go anywhere with a hill, like 29 Palms, one of our constant places to get our friends that had recently graduated and were going through school there, we'd have to blare the heater while going up hill so she wouldn't over heat. Then for a long while she didn't have a CD player, so me in my infinite wisdom would pop in some earbuds and use my portable CD player on long drives. Anything over 80mph and she would shake like the earth was falling apart beneath me. She was teal when I first got her, had a disgusting paint job done that made her my black knight. She'd whisk me and friends away to Hollywood, to the beach, to various theme parks, LA, off roading (yes, she handled well for off roading but did get stuck once), the mountains for fun in the snow, out for nights of swing dancing, up to NorCal to visit family and of course to school and work. The summer between Junior and Senior year was an absolute blast! Starting working at Vans Skate Park, out with friends constantly on days off, and attended the Leadership course with JROTC and made my decision on entering the Marine Corps (which no one was too pleased with).

Now for the pics and of course great tunes from 2000/2001!!

My first car

Steph and me..... SMH, those pants... "onion booty" pants is what I was later told they were buahahaha

Kat and me getting ready to cause trouble ;p

Me and my good friend Kyle, little brother as I called him

Steph and Me Halloween at school

Attending the All Academies Military Ball
Fun at the Orange County Fair
My high school bedroom ;)
Clippers Game with Steph with JROTC
Me Christen and Steph
Daughters of the American Revolution Award JROTC
Going out for dinner and dancing
Drove the Black Knight to the mountains for snow.... Hit an ice patch while driving slow and had to veer into the mountain instead of off the cliff. Had fun though!

Flying over Southern California in a B-25
Junior Prom with my best buddy Little John
Paddle Boatin with my little brother on 4th of July 2001
Leadership course Meeting the Sgt Maj of the Air Station, Camp Pendleton. He gave each of a girls a challenge coin that I ended up carrying with me in my uniform all throughout boot camp. After graduation I went back in uniform and gave him one in return.
Leadership Course, ready for the AmTrak ride


  1. Oh my goodness...those songs took me back to some fun times! I LOVED Joe - I Wanna Know. Brings back sweet memories. TY :)

    Happy to be your newest GFC follower. If you have a moment and would like to, you can visit me here The Things We Find Inside

    1. :) Love how music can bring back great memories! Thanks for joining! Heading your way. :)


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