17 September 2012

Crazy 8

This past Saturday was our oldest son's 8th birthday. We went to the local fun zone business of Mac Daddies and had a blast. Bowling, pizza, cake, presents, and of course video games!! His dad was able to drive down from Maryland and they spent the weekend together building legos, going out and about, and enjoying time together. Last week Jake made it a point to let me know he HAD to invite his best friends from his own school. We took invites there and to his old after school care on base and got a hold of all his best buddies. He was so stoked to see all his friends. He only invited boys because he said he "just wanted to hang out with the guys." Some had sisters that came along but he didn't mind at all! :) Mr. Mikey didn't enjoy all the commotion at first, poor guy was a bit over stimulated and very tired from missing his nap time. He fell asleep in my girlfriends arms for a good portion of the party and when he woke up he was ready to seize the afternoon!

Last night our friend drove out from Lejeune on his Harley. His gift to Jake was a cool motorcycle ride up and down our street several times. He LOVED it!!! And has been bugging me to get a motorcycle more so now than he was before.... Hopefully this will pass.... ;)


  1. Looks like he had soo much fun!!!

  2. aww I love these photos! That looks like one of the best birthdays ever! :) My baby's 5th birthday is tomorrow and I ordered the same Angry Birds cake for him earlier today! Small world, isn't it :) I'm happy to be following you! Thank you for stopping by my blog, today :)

    Daydreaming Realist


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