03 September 2012


Is it possible to love someone so much that you feel like you fall more in love with him as each day passes...? We celebrated our 1 year Wedding Anniversary yesterday. All throughout the day I kept thinking about how much we have been through together over the past 2 1/2 years and everything that has taken place the past year alone.

 Finding out only 2 weeks before the wedding that we were expecting (and scared as hell of losing yet another baby, but not getting my hopes up until after we passed the all clear time frame)


 A deployment (Blah!)
While on Deployment
Lego Fest
Part of his Deployment Attire ;)
Finally home!
Travels to see family in Chicago
Birth of our absolutely perfectly healthy baby boy

Resigning from my GS job and becoming a Stay At Home Mom to our two boys

Going to Cali to visit family and friends

Going to DC For 4th of July

Various events with the hubby's work, beach trips, fun trips out with the kids, lots of relaxing around the house and our oldest son starting 2nd grade!

 We spent our 1st anniversary doing house work and day to day activities during the day. Went out to dinner in the evening to the same restaurant we went to for our wedding reception. Afterwards we had the house to ourselves..... And he surprised me with a Yummy $50 bottle of champagne.... We enjoyed every bit of it, snagged some Dairy Queen for dessert and eventually strolled down the street in lovers fashion to collect our kidlets from our good friend a few houses down. ;)) Got them to bed and then curled up together watching  Taboo and then again eventually to each other in bed..... Sigh..... Absolutely purrrrr-fect.


  1. Happy Anniversary!!! You guys are such a cute couple. Love the wedding pics!

  2. Congrats on your anniversary! Such a great gift to celebrate and your little guys too. I also think it is so admirable to be supporting our troops!

    Stopping by from Mom's Best Nest Hop...we'd love for you to join our Photo Friday Hop- share any pictures you love from your posts. Hope to see you then- Cheers!


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