05 December 2012

Baby Mikey is 8 Months Old!

I say it in every monthly post, because it is true, time keeps flying by way too fast!

Mastered/Advanced Skills: 
~ Crawling
~ Sitting Up
~ Holding own bottle to feed himself
~ Feeds himself snacks
~ Pulling himself up to standing position in his bed, on couches, tables, and people
~ Searches for items when hidden from him, (especially shoes)
 Weight: 22lbs +
Height: 26-27in. (He moves too much!)

Mikey has just started saying baba 2 days ago. He has also started saying his P's over and over again. Trying to get this recorded has become my new mission!  He is a talker, yeller, purrer and growler!

Sticking his tongue out is his new action. (Don't ask me where he got that from.) :p

That's right, the big 8 months!
He knows when he's been busted for doing something he shouldn't (finding the cords/remotes to various items) and when his name is said sternly he coyly turns and looks at you with a shit eating two-toothed smile. 

Naps.... Ha! What naps! 20-30 minutes top every 3-5 hours until bed time. Then he'll sleep soundly through the night until 6-7am. 

Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, makes it's way to his mouth. Shoes, rugs, toys, edge of the vacuum cleaner, jewelry, articles of clothing... If he can grab it that is where it is headed.

The only way I can get him to sit still for nail cutting, getting dressed and changing his diaper is to sing to him. Maybe it has to do with me singing all the time while he was in my belly or maybe I have just stunned him with my terrible voice....

Baby food is devoured within minutes (just like his dad with his own food). Two feedings a day, full food jars or cereal. We have not given him any type of fruit since the prunes incident. Instead it has been various veggies and mixed veggies with meats.

He will walk with hands held.... I know full on walking is going to come sooner than it did for our oldest because he tries chasing after everyone, especially his big brother already!

***Milestone Stickers are from Project Baby Smiles!


  1. He's so handsome!

  2. What a sweet baby sounds like you are going to have your hands full with him!

  3. So sweet! Happy 8 months to your little one :)

  4. He is adorable. Zeva is going to be a year old on the 13th, and I enjoyed watching all of her milestones. I didn't track all of them. She is walking around like crazy now and into EVERYTHING. So, Mikey may be walking on his own any day now.

    Thanks for sharing this moment with us.


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