05 October 2012

Our Monkey Butt is 6 Months Old!

Time keeps flying by! 6 months already?!?! Half a year old???? NO!!! My little baby boy is growing much too fast. He's not crawling forward just yet, but he has practically mastered scooting forward and crawling backward. Tomorrow will be his first time trying sweet potatoes, one of daddy's favorite food items. He is a little over 20 lbs. Has started blowing bubbles, especially while eating, he thinks it is the funniest thing, but I have started putting the spoon in front of his mouth to ward off the being splattered by food from him.
Today was a sad day for him.... His favorite aquarium swing was disassembled and boxed away. The batteries would last maybe a week or two and with his chunky butt the motor was working extra hard to keep it going plus the music. ;) I seriously think he had withdraws from it this afternoon.
Mommy got a new jogging stroller for us, he loves going up and down the block seeing all that is around in fast forward. :) 
His Monkey costume for Halloween came in today, of course daddy just HAD to put it on him!
I keep trying to get him to say Dada.... Then when he cries out I can use the excuse he's requesting the hubby... :p He is still very much a daddy's boy and absolutely LOVES spending time with and playing with his big brother.

Reading his baby brother a bed time story


  1. Sooooo stinkin' adorable!!! :)

  2. Happy 6 months! I found you through Naptime Review where I am also a sponsor this month! I wanted to come say hello and follow your blog! Hope to see you over at HomePayge:)


  3. What a little cutie!! Happy 1/2 bday to him!! ;) Little man in that monkey suit?! Best thing I've seen all morning!!!

  4. Love the monkey suit. So cute! Happy 6 months! It goes by fast!

    Julie @ Naptime Review

  5. wow oyur blog looks so well done!! I love it. Happy 6 months little one!! They grow so fast, I can't believe my little guy is 2 months, crazy!!


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