08 October 2012

Family Fun!

Mikey turned 6 months old on Friday!!! Love these milestone stickers that my sponsor from Project Baby Smiles sent me for our little man!!! Can check out all that she has HERE!
The Hubby came home early on Friday with flowers in hand! God how I love him!
He made an awesome stuffed chicken with ham and asparagus for dinner!
On Saturday we went to the Seafood Festival and watched my might-as-well-be sister's little girl perform with her gymnastics team!
Mikey enjoyed being out and about watching all the people around. He had a great time and did not fuss at all the entire day. Once home he ate and crashed out for 10 hours!
The festival was beyond crowded and was surprisingly hot! Luckily there was a nice breeze that came through.
These metal art pieces are so cool! Reminds me of the Disney movie Robots!
I bet this guy was some GOOD eatin'!!!
Jake and his dad went to a pumpkin patch on Saturday and enjoyed a hayride and some farm fun! He even brought home a little pumpkin for his baby brother! (So glad that he got to spend time with him, even though they went to the same place we have plans to go to next weekend...) :P
Sunday morning Jake his dad played some monopoly in his room before heading out to the movies and festival. He whooped his dad's butt! His dad was also teaching him multiplication throughout the game and he did amazing!
Mikey thoroughly ENJOYED his first feeding of sweet potatoes! But the kid also enjoys blowing raspberries as soon as the food is in his mouth! So he was given a timeout from eating.... Yea, that didn't work for crap and daddy continued to laugh his butt off because Mikey was laughing and yelling at me for his food.... I gave up after continuously being splattered by sweet potatoes and daddy took over.... Mikey didn't play games with daddy and finished his food without a hitch. ;)
Jake goes back to school tomorrow after being off for 3 weeks. During his break he has read 8 regular books and 1 school book full of different stories with over 200 pages. We plan on going out to downtown New Bern to enjoy some alligator bites and oysters before the hubby goes back to work Wednesday. I love these long weekends with the family!


  1. All of it looks so fun! I love Mikey's t-shirt. :)

  2. super cute onsie!! I had a damask tie one for my little guys home coming outfit when he was born :)


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