11 October 2012

How to be a COOL parent

I remember when I was younger my parents were the coolest. I grew up in a split family home, with a stepmom and stepdad, but no matter what house I was at they were the coolest on the block. I lived with my mom, stepdad and two brothers and would visit my dad, stepmom and two other brothers often. Back then my parents were all well known for being strict but also fun! While video games, online games and computer games were starting to be of interest to us kids they refused to let it consume our everyday being. There were many trips to the beach, mountains, lakes, and rivers. Museums, National Parks, Air Shows, theme parks, sports games you name it! At home there was hiking at my dads and finding the local creek with a deep enough end to jump off the rocks and nature made rock water slide. At my moms there was the pool in the backyard that seemed to be occupied by friends daily, sports, huge sling shot for water balloons, dirt bike riding all the time, and seadoo fun on the waters. We were constantly being kicked out of the house to "find" something to do. I am grateful for this.

Our oldest loves to be inside playing with his legos and if he has the chance and has earned it his video games. Most of the time I do exactly as my parents did, get out of the house! Go find something to do. Which usually has the response of "There's NOTHING to do. It's BORING outside." Amazingly enough, 5 minutes later he and his friends are playing football, basketball, exploring the wooded area in our backyard, catching random bugs and reptiles, laughing running around with nerf guns planning an invasion and looking Oh So "BORED".... ;) We always have children over, which I love because he has for so long been an only child and is a social kid.

While we try to go out and do something once a month that does have the dollar signs attached to it, we also try to find things around the house from art projects, to building things, to turning his entire room into a tented fort and away from the house with parks, hiking, beach, museums, swimming pools, family events on base, events out in town and sports that make little to no dent in our wallets.

Though I may not be considered the coolest parent out there, I know our boys will be grateful when they are older and look back at all the fun memories they have while growing up, just as my brother's and I do.

What did your parents do when you were growing up that made them cool? What do you do as a parent that makes you cool in your kids eyes? 

Clay fun!
Dunk Tank at a family day event
Lincoln Logs!
Entire room is one big tent!
Wonder Works Myrtle Beach
Outside play
Riding on a firetruck for a parade
Launching Rockets!


  1. We always took lots of vacations as kids, some of my best memories! I feel like my parents tried to expose us to a lot of different types of vacations--- sightseeing, beaches, historic, national parks, etc! :)

  2. We tooks lots of vacations, we went racing together as a family, and we did everything together. Even after my Mom got sick (we were all grown of course) we still managed to takes small trips when were all together.

  3. What fun memories!

    julie @ Naptime Review

  4. wow! that pic of the big tent taking up the entire room brings back soooo many memories and I can't wait to do that with my kiddos! just found your blog from the mommy moments link up and I'm excited to be your newest follower and read more posts from ya!

  5. My dad suffered from extreme social anxiety until his 30s, so he hated staying at home and "hiding"as he would call it. I guess years of being afraid to be in the public made him have an adventurous spirit. I also have social anxiety but am willing to go exploring new places due to his effect, although I have trouble talking to strangers. Every weekend or weekday we would go to the mall, the fair, the park, a local festival, a new movie, a museum, an attraction, etc.... just to see what was going on! My dad was the coolest dad out of all of my friends because no one else's parents wanted to go anywhere and do the things he wanted to do! One friend said I was the most social anti-social he ever met, lol! Even now that I am grown, we will go the club together and we went to NYC one summer while I was working up north.


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