06 November 2012


1. Our oldest bought a skateboard at a yard sale. He's doing well with it for it being his first time riding one.
2. Daddy and Mikey watching big brother.
3. Mikey Man cheesin' it
4. Had my highlights touched up and a few added. It felt amazing getting my hair done again.  

1. He also bought a guitar at the same yard sale. Now it will be the process of getting it tuned and taking lessons, he's excited!
2. Day light savings means switching uniforms! Takes me back since this is all I wore when I was in. I sure do miss the deserts on him though....
3. My new sign came in the mail! I looove it!
4. Hubby got his Fit Rep in! He is such a hard worker and dedicated Marine. I am so very proud of him! He's moving on up the "Christmas Tree"! :) 


  1. Great pictures! guitars and skateboards..that's a talented kid you have there!!

  2. Wonderful pictures and I love that sign! :)


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