02 November 2012

Friday's Letters


Dear Dad,
 Thanks for making me cry this morning from such a sweet text from you.... I miss you and the family EVERY DAY. And every night, I too, look at the stars and remember all the nights sitting out back growing up and later as an adult star gazing. I read the poem you wrote me in my book of constellations when I was younger over and over again, I love you.

Dear Shawn T (Insanity Instructor),
 My body aches because of you. It hurts (so good) to just sit down. I've joined a "Hot for the Holiday's" Challenge group and your motivation is getting me there! Between you and my husband kicking my ass I'm looking forward to dropping a little more weight and toning up. Thank you!

Dear Washing Machine,
 You suck. You are going to replaced. Not sorry to break it to you but we've decided you've "got to go!"

Dear Hours in a Day,
 How do you pass so quickly?!?! When I had a job away from the house you couldn't seem to speed up at times. Now that I am home you won't slow down!

Dear Apple Company,
 Why the freak do I have to have WiFi to do facetime with family now? What if I wanted to connect with them where there was no WiFi? Your updated system sucks, you are the only one's out there with it like this now. Get your shit together, thanks!

Dear Man-Child,
 After sitting with your teacher for a parent conference yesterday you continue to impress me! While you are learning and growing you will always be my baby boy, my first true love. Stop trying to grow up so quickly, you will come to miss these days of little responsibility and worries.

Dear Hubby,
 I love you jerkface. ;) You complete me and we compliment each other so well. Thank you for being our everything and being so involved with our boys. I love that you are so dedicated to work AND our family. You are truly an inspiration. 


  1. Aww. That text choked me up a little too. :) We miss our family back home terribly. Hopefully we all get stationed a little closer to home soon!

  2. The text is so amazingly sweet!!!


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