05 November 2012

Mikey is 7 Months Old!

Baby B is 7 months old today!!!

He still continues to see how loud his voice can get at several different pitches. 
He talks all the time and has begun combing the syllables Ba and Da.

Teeth: TWO on the bottom! Still coming through a bit but they have FINALLY broken through!

He's a beginner crawler! He crawls on hands and knees more often than before but still pulls himself across with his hands and kicking his legs out.

He has started sitting up all on his own! Pulls himself up into the sitting position and plays with his toys around him. 

He becomes extremely pissed off if daddy does not pick him up within the minute or two of him coming home for lunch or after work.

He LOVES being outside! Walks, running errands, little jogs, this boy throws a tantrum if he doesn't get to go outside for a bit. 

He is loved by everyone in the family so very much. His big brother and daddy are still his favorite play time people. But he loooves cuddling with mommy. 

*Monthly milestone stickers are from Project Baby Smiles!


  1. OMG I Love It!!!!! Happy 7 mo's MIkey =) Thank you for bringing me Smiles.

    Grandma Sally

  2. Our babies are both 7 months old today :)
    He looks like he is way more active than mu baby girl....she is lazy!!!

  3. Happy 7 months to sweet baby boy!! I love all his facial expressions, he is so cute!

  4. Love it!!! :) Happy 7 months!!! :)

  5. What a cute onsie!! We had a damask tie one for Matthew's coming home outfit :)

  6. :) Thank you everyone!!! He's our big monkey butt. Don't let that smile fool you.... There's mischief in those eyes that I know will keep me on my toes for years to come! ;)

  7. My son will be 8 months on Friday and time is just flying by so fast...
    I'm your newest follower from the Monday Blog Hop, hope you can stop by and follow back :)

  8. What a cutie! Happy 9 months! I also love those stickers. I always wanted them for the baby but never did.

    julie @ Naptime Review


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