02 November 2012

Review: In His Stead (A Father's War) by Judith Sanders

In His Stead (A Father's War) By: Judith Sanders 
Release Date: 10 November 2012

I was provided an advanced reader's copy of this book by the publicist. Upon reading it I felt myself drawn to each character throughout. I could place myself within the emotions each person was feeling, into the family, and eventually the Soldier's he was fighting alongside with. I found myself unable to put the book down, urging myself to stay awake late at night once the family had gone to bed and I had my own time to actually read uninterrupted. The pages were flipped eagerly to see what happened next. Out loud bursts of laughter, deep breaths, giggles and tears.... This is a book I would recommend any one and everyone to read, especially those that serve, are Veteran's, have military family members or are married to a military member. You will not be disappointed. A Father's Love knows no boundaries.   

The details throughout the book bring you into the father's frame of mind. Protecting his son. Protecting his family from the possible loss of another child. Seeing to it that his son will have a the opportunity to live a full life, without being haunted by the sights that war so often brings. Once Thomas fights his way through the constant barriers that are thrown at him he becomes known as "Dad" to many of his fellow Soldiers. He's hated by some and respected by most. He teaches his squad, all new Soldiers who had never seen war, trades he used as a Ranger and in war they put them to use.  

Tom reminds me of my own father. From the pool games with the kids, to the classic car they own and love, to the need he feels to push forward and protect his family at any cost, even if it could mean his own life. Tom's attitude to the "kids" (fellow Soldiers) beside him is endearing with a need to protect them and ensure they make it back to their own parents. For those that were killed in action, as many were, he felt sorrow, and knew first hand what their parents were going through. Nearing the end of his year long deployment the biggest attack ever came on Christmas Day. His actions and commitment under heavy fire forever changed the course of the war. 

Book Description:

Retired Army Ranger Thomas Lane once burned for the taste of gunpowder and the thrill of the battle. But as he struggles to cope with his own PTSD and the death of his eldest son, killed by an IED in Afghanistan, Lane learns that the price of war is far too dear. When the National Guard calls up Lane's youngest son to serve, Lane knows he will do anything to save his child--even if it means going in his place, a pursuit unheard of since the Civil War when slaves were sent to war in place of their masters. In His Stead, Judith Sander's second novel, follows Thomas Lane's crusade against the United States Army, its JAG corps, a vengeful officer, the very son he is desperate to save, and his own wife, who has the Solomon-like choice of losing either a husband or a son. Capturing the essence of family life in wartime--the good, the bad, and the hopeful--In His Stead explores what it means to be a father and a man. 

 About the Author:

 Judith Sanders was born and raised in a rural town in New Jersey. She received her BS from Graceland College and worked as a registered nurse for many years, including serving the military as a nurse in Maryland. Sanders, a mother of three boys, now makes writing her full time career and divides her time between her homes in New Hampshire and North Carolina. Her first novel, Crescent Veil, is a reality fiction novel about a hunt for terrorists. With her second novel, In His Stead (A Father's War) Judith honors the memories of those fallen in war.

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