17 July 2012

Returned to Work.... To visit

My Final Checkout Sheet & Civilian ID that I had to turn in
So today I went in for a much needed visit with my former co-workers and friends.... Sigh... I miss it.... Someone has already taken over my cubicle... And three new employees now work there. Just goes to show how everything keeps moving forward while I tend to feel frozen in time. Seeing everyone was wonderful! One of the guys that has been there since... well FOREVER is FINALLY retiring and moving out of state. He was the head honcho on base for SEPS & TAP and a retired MasterGunny from the Marines. I loved taking a smoke break with him (when I wasn't prego) and hearing so many of his close call stories, fun time stories, and crazy ass trouble he'd find himself in while he was active duty. It is sad to know that he won't be around there anymore when I pop in for a visit but at the same time comforting to know he will finally be able to relax. He truly was a father figure, always ready with advice and never held back on scolding over work related issues or outside of work issues. Luckily his wifey has facebook and I'll be able to keep up with them through there. :) The girls there are still silly, crazy and sweet as can be. I miss our daily talks about our family happenings and life. They kept asking how soon I'll be back and my oldest piped up with "never in her whole life." Sigh.... kids... I do plan on going back to work for the government someday. Maybe not at this base, but someday, somewhere. After all I have 5 years invested in it. 25 more and I could retire from the DoD.... :)
The background picture on my work computer before clearing it out. My oldest son when he was a baby.
 In the meantime, the rest of the summer is going to be enjoyed before school starts back up for all of us. Yes, son, hubby and I will all be starting courses late August and September. I'm actually looking forward to being able to pick up our oldest from school and have him complete his homework earlier than 6pm. As of this week we have started on refresher workbooks for 1st grade work, 2nd grade workbooks and him reading an entire book off his AR reading list morning and night out loud. He is not allowed to watch TV or play video games until his "homework" is done and even then he's only allowed 30min of video game and an hour of Disney or Nick a day. Otherwise it is arts and crafts, outdoor play, pool, beach, lego building etc. :)
It seems to me that the days fly by so much faster at home than they ever did while at work, even on our busiest days. There just never seems to be enough time in the day now to get everything completed! Maybe once the oldest is back in school I'll be able to accomplish a lot more. But for now it is always go, go, go with him and keeping him entertained, tending to baby and trying to make a small house full of everyone's crap stay clean longer than a few hours... LOL... If I figure out how to do that I'll let you know, if you know how to do so, by all means, pray do tell! :)

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  1. Rest assured that even though you feel like you are standing still while staying home, you are creating the stable, secure path that your children will step off from when they enter the world. It feels like it won't end and as you said at the same time each day flies by with such busy kiddos to look after! It's ok to miss work. You don't have to give it up forever, and really, you are gaining so much time with your children, so it's not a loss per se...just a pause of one choice to focus on another. I wish you the best!


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