30 July 2012

***Our Weekend***

My life now-a-days feels like one long never ending weekend.... Minus that I only get to spend a good chunk of time with the hubby on actual calendar weekends. This past Wednesday we spent the afternoon at the pool on base. It was baby Mikey's first full pool experience and I swear that boy is going to be a water hog like the rest of us. I got him all set up in his co-floaty and he had the most kicked back "this is the life" attitude I've seen in a child in a long time.

We only spent 10 min in the pool, I didn't want to use sunscreen on him just yet and a little Vitamin D is good for everyone. :) Within 5 min of getting out he passed out in his stroller for a good hour. 

Jake and his friends swam for an hour and half and Jake took a stab at the swim test that each child must pass in order to go in the deep end and jump off the diving board. While he can swim like a shark under water in any depth, they need to see that he has the basic fundamentals down of arm over head and putting head down and bringing it up while swimming on top of the water.... His butt sinks down and he doesn't *SPLASH* his feet out of the water well enough yet. I'm determined to have him get this down before the end of summer! (Which means more pool time. Yay!)

Friday we had our first official beach trip of the summer... (Well mine and Mikey's, Jake has been there a couple of times with his friends already). Mikey enjoyed it quite a bit! We went and bought a beach umbrella prior to and I used only the top half it and stuck it deep in the ground so he wouldn't get the reflection of the sun from the water bounced back on him and get burned. The wind there was terrible... :( Why can't NC's weather cooperate with the great warm ocean and have it all be nice and cozy...?

 Jake spent almost the entire time out in the water boogey boarding with his friends. The rip tides were terrible and they were thrown around a bit, they'd come rinse their mouths out and then run back out there ready to take on the waves again!

Mikey and I left while big brother stayed with his friends. I had a retirement party to go to for one of my former co-workers, Mr. Merchant. He was the head guru for the SEPS and TAP program for 15 years AFTER retiring from the Marine Corps as a Master Guns. I cannot say enough great words for this man and all he has done, experienced and accomplished in his careers. He and his wife are moving to Louisiana next month, and for his final day he wore "authentic" Louisiana retiree attire. His favorite saying, If you don't believe I'm leaving, Just count the days that I'm gone! :) This is our Original Red-Headed Step Child group, minus Mrs. Witmer, who was on leave and Mrs. Elpers, who retired last year.
Friday evening I went out with the girls, Britni and her mommy to Jack's in MHC. It has become our girls night out spot with live bands, dancing, and good times. (It is also the place the hubby and I went to last summer that led to the conception of Mr. Mikey.... hehehe).

Saturday was a lazy day until the afternoon when we attended a birthday party for 7, yes 7, children! A very large loving family with the possibility of adding on. :)  It was intense and awesome. And with the warm rain and a bounce house all of the children were soaked to the bone, but they all had a blast! We met another couple who's son was also born on 5 April this year! So sweet! It was their last attempt at having a boy (they have 3 girls) and low-and-behold God gave him to them! :)

Saturday evening the hubby's buddy, his wife and their son came over for awhile. We hung out talked about their honeymoon at Niagra Falls, watched the olympics, got a few great couponing tidbits from her, all while their little man (2 yrs old) taught us what we need to start putting away before Mikey become mobile. :) That is something I recall doing before, having a friend bring her little one over and finding higher areas for everything I didn't want destroyed. Hey, don't judge it works!!! :) His name is Adam and he is a fireball full of energy! He absolutely loves our pups and they highly enjoyed all the attention they were getting from him.

Sunday was a whirlwind day.... It seemed to go by waaaay too fast. Got a few things done throughout the house and the hubby was able to take care of the front yard (rain has been on and off all day, everyday). Sunday afternoon we finally got to go to New Bern to have some MORE family pictures taken. :)  (Yes I love having pictures done and taking them!) What was great was that my girlfriend and her kiddos and her mom who is out visiting were able to have them done too. By my good friend Hollie who also took our wedding pics and did a Christmas session for me and my oldest a couple years ago. What wasn't so great was the damn heat!!! Here we thought it would be nice and overcast with a slight chance of rain, and since the last two sessions have been rained out, we decided to get there early.... Turned out the evening was absolutely perfect but we had already done so in the blistering heat.... Damn NC weather! :( I'm hoping that they all turned out nicely though, sweat pouring down our faces and all... hahahaha. While in between the sessions, I tried taking a few of my own pics with my new camera. I'm still figuring out how to work it manually and a number of the pics I took show it... :) Guess I will have to actually read the manual for it...

After pics we were famished so we stopped off at Morgans for a bite to eat. So yummy. Then home and a nice long nap on the couch, which has caused me to still be awake at this point.... Oh well, sleep is for the weak.... ;)


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