16 April 2013

Month Of the Military Child ♥ Honoring Our Military Children~ Week Two

On 1 April I asked friends on my Blog Facebook Page that are Military & Veteran Families to share pictures and/or stories of their Military Children throughout the Month of April to Celebrate Month of the Military Child. I am Honored to share each of them here for all to see how much our little ones endure and how sweet and brave they truly are. 

Demoney ♥ This is Jade and her Daddy ♥ Baby Brother will be here soon!
Riley ♥ This is my youngest son Jason. He's endured three moves, a deployment, and recruiting duty in his short 6 years. He's such a trooper and a big helper to me even though his daddy had been gone more than he's been home.
Aubrie Skye♥
Pugh Raylan Beau (8 months) and Reagan Bristol ( 21 months) Easter 2013.

Blair Just wanted to share the pic of my little guys :) jayden is 4, korbyn is 3, jaxsyn is 20 months and kaycen is 3 weeks. Jaxsyn was our pre deployment baby (i was 12 weeks when my husband deployed) and kaycen is our post deployment surprise (we said we were done after jaxsyn) my little guys can be a handful at times but their strength and the way they handled their daddy being away and how they always knew what to say or do to put a smile back on my face when i struggled still surprises me a year later.
Jetter Baby Mason due in 3 months and stubborn
Lockwood These sweet little guys are full of personality. Their daddy is an Air Traffic Controller now attached to the USS Roosevelt. From oldest to youngest: Jack is 2.5yrs old, Noah is 18months old and Levi is one month old. Each are becoming more like their daddy everyday
This is my husband, Sgt. James Michaelin holding our baby girl for the first time after returning home from Iraq... she was a month and a half old :-) Love at first sight! ♡
Malakai at 2 months,taken in 2010.
Mother Yoli Torres is now a Marine Corps Veteran (:
Archuleta This is our Nicasio, he is 15months old! His daddy is a Marine!
NorvilleMy two babies!! Brother landen(4 1/2 yrs) sister sara(was two days old in picture, but is two months now) with their marine daddy nick. We have had a crazy few years. Stationed in Omaha my hubby was accepted in to officers program( we came home too MI so he could go to school) for the marines, he commissioned two days before our son turned 4 and then we had a beautiful baby girl January 30th. My son is sooo proud of his daddy , can't wait till we are at a base where we can go to an air show, and see tanks and humvees all the time!!:) I'm so proud of my
Little man for adapting to the craziness that his life is!!:)
Donahue This is our crazy clan. Bradley 9, Makaylah 7, Haylie 5, Cordilya 4, and Carter 18 months.
McNerlin My military boys wearing blue in honor of autism. Their daddy is Army.
Hunter 7yrs, Bradley 2 yrs & Kolten 9 months
Huffords Parker and Keegan before Daddy coming home from Afghan for the 2nd time 
Brantly our newest addition ♥ Huffords
Alfaro Our two girls; Eva is 5 and has endured 3 deployments between her Father and I.. she is very intelligent, sweet, and funny. DEFINITELY a daddy's girl. Bella is our youngest having been born during Her first deployment survival.. she has only known daddy in person for 4 months out of her 8 months of life. She is so calm and truly a blessing to a new mommy of two.
Chapin 3 month old daughter Mackenzie wearing daddies cover and blouse
Ramirez Aiden Javier born on June 12, 2012. With his daddy our child proud to be a military child. So proud of his daddy.
Hall These are our beautiful babies! Braden is 3 and Blakeleigh is 4! Sometimes we lie and just call them twins lol they are truly the best kids I could have ever imagined! They are perfect!!!!!!
Weatherholt My babies, Rilee (6) and Owen (3). Daddy is a corporal in 1st Battalion 24th Marines...a reserve unit out of Selfridge ANGB in Mt Clemens, MI. Though a reservist, daddy is away more than he's home. My babies are so awesome at "understanding" this craziness! In 2011, after nearly a year of pre-deployment training and attempting to prepare our family for 9 months of dad being somewhere other than 29 Palms, the deployment was cancelled. Hallelujah! But talk about confusing for two little ones! Rilee was so great about getting Owen used to dad being home more often, and helped him through the moments when he had to leave unexpectedly. My kids roll with the punches pretty well. With a dad who's schedule is insanity and a mom who also works full time, these kids are my heroes!!!! They have been MY rock when all I wanna do is sit, eat raw cookie dough out of a tube, and cruise QVC in my nightgown. :) My military brats are what keeps us smiling and laughing each day..."normal" day or not!
Mondt Daddy & Son
This is our military brat Alaya! ♥
Watkins Our adventurous little boy Malcolm just turned 1 years old on May 26th. His daddy is in the USMC.
Bright Hannah Ella Bright ~ Marine Brat Born at 38 Weeks. 5lb 12oz.
Ciencin My beautiful children, Tyler (8) and Sydney (6) with the bear they made their daddy for his PIR in November. My husband made the decision to serve his country later in life, and our kids have had a pretty hard time dealing with him being away since September. But they are such troopers and find reasons to smile every day, knowing that their daddy will always be their hero! :)
Howland These are my kids from right to left Dillon is my 5 year old who helps me out a ton he also has autism, then Katelyn she is 3 and is my little drama queen, the my little Leland is 7 months. Daddy is a Marine and is at the Basic School now for the Warrant Officer program can't wait until he comes home :)
Page Hadley Grace meeting Daddy for the first time after a 9 month deployment. She was born 10 days after my husband deployed. Now she is a complete Daddy's girl!! She turned 1 on 8 April!!
Hallback These are our two beautiful little Marine Princesses with their daddy. Kaidance is 5 and Kailey is 13 months. They are amazing children and make us smile everyday.
Cade This is a picture of our Sarah 6yr, McKenna 4yr, & Louella 9month old let me know if you need more info on them or our family!
Duff Hubby reuniting with the kids after his most recent deployment.


  1. This is a beautiful, beautiful tribute to the military children, and their parents, Jenni. It made me cry. I'm so proud of the men and women who serve our country. They sacrifice everything to keep us safe and free. And I'm so grateful to the spouses and children who hold things together at home while they're gone. I'm going to share this link on my FB page. Thank you for doing this. God bless you and all our military families.

  2. This is a beautiful, beautiful tribute to the military children, Jenni. It made me cry. I'm so proud of the men and women who keep our country safe and free. And so grateful to their spouses and children for keeping things together at home while they serve. I'm going to share your link on my FB page. God bless you and all our military families.

    1. Sorry about the double posting. :( I didn't think the first comment went through.


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