03 April 2013

Captain Daddy's Promotion Ceremony!! Word{less} Wednesday

Yesterday my husband was promoted to Captain.... The word "Proud" seems like such a small word with how I feel about all he has done and accomplished. From Air Ground Defense strategies, to changing baby's diaper. From Oh My Gawd it's early wake up calls, to nighttime stories with the Man-Child. From going to the hospital to check up on fellow Marine's family members, to bringing me tea/soup in bed when I have the crud.

I support him in all that he does and jump on board with his wants and dreams for his career; but how he manages everything with his Duty as a Marine to his role as a Husband & Father is beyond amazing.... The pride and love I have for this amazing man of mine cannot truly be described in words....

 photo DSC_0230_zpsf231d622.jpg
 photo DSC_0233_zps2f43e290.jpg
 photo DSC_0235_zps61bbe414.jpg
 photo DSC_0236_zps2f602700.jpg
 photo DSC_0239_zps06d53d1f.jpg
 photo DSC_0241_zps0bb5da6d.jpg
 photo DSC_0247_zpsa6ec0b0f.jpg
 photo DSC_0251_zps123b1323.jpg
 photo DSC_0252_zpsc659ae45.jpg
 photo DSC_0255_zps3ba46de1.jpg
 photo 20924_10151374798439211_603928408_n_zps9be60f1f.jpg
 photo 734417_10151374796959211_1395154773_n_zps11687fce.jpg


  1. Yayyyy! That's fantastic! Love all of the pictures of the pinning. Congrats to both of you!

  2. Omg!! You must be so so proud. Congrats to him!! These photos are precious!

  3. Such a wonderful accomplishment! Congrats and love the pictures. :)

  4. Congrats! LOVE it!

  5. Congrats!

    Happy WW.

  6. Semper Fi, it's always great hearing news like this from my fellow Marine brothers. Love those pic's. :)

  7. It's always great hearing news like this from my fellow Marine brothers, "Semper Fi Devil Dog", Love these pictures. Congrats to the family !!! :)

  8. Yayy!!! Congratulation!!!

  9. Congrat's to your husband and you have a very beautiful family!

  10. Great pictures and congrats to your husband!

  11. Congrats t your husband Jenni and loved all the pictures, especially the family pictures!! :)

  12. Congratulations to your husband and your family! I love all of the pictures of the pinning! I bet your son was so excited that he got to pin his daddy!

  13. Awww, great pics. Congrats to your husband, you must be so so proud! :)

  14. I found your blog through "Living the Hooah Life". Your family is adorable!
    My blog is fairly new, but I'm excited to be finding more Marine Wives to connect with!

  15. Congratulations!! That is so exciting. And, your whole family is just beautiful. Seriously, Gap needs to hire all of you as models.

  16. Congrats! Great pictures :)

  17. Wow, congrats on your hubbys promotion! All of your pictures are lovely! I am stopping by your blog from the blog party and really enjoy your little place on the internet. My husband served in the Navy as a corpsman. He was stationed with the marines in CA and Camp Lejeune! He was injured in Iraq in 2007 and was retired. I just love reading fellow military wife blogs! Please take care.

  18. Congrats to your husband. It's definitely reason for you to be proud.


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