07 August 2012

August Blog Star: Hola I'm Jenni

Mrs. Monologues

Hey everyone! I love these blog hops and getting to meet new people and see everyone's grand adventures through my little computer screen. :) Right now many of our own adventures are on hold until baby boy (4 months old) gets a bit older. Our oldest starts 2nd grade this month and as of today is 1ft 2in shorter than me.... Pretty soon I'll be scolding him while standing on a ladder... Not sure how serious he will take me then, not that he does now much anyway... Here are a few blog posts about this new SAHM, spouse to a Marine Corps Officer, Internet addict, and lover of sweet wines: ME! :)


  1. Hey! Found you through Blog Star! I'm also a Marine wife. Funny thing though, I already follow you on Instagram!

  2. So happy you decided to link-up! Yes, i am worried that if we have boys I will need to stand on a step stool to show who is boss.

    Mrs. Monologues

  3. Found you through blog star! Cant wait to follow your stories of raising 2 boys.


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