30 April 2012

Motivation Monday!!!

The baby is out and the "leftover" weight is still there. I hit 152.8 this morning! Yay to another pound down. Water intake has increased 8-10 cups a day is what I am at now.... I hate drinking water though... Unless it is practically frozen cold! So my glass is full of ice to the brim and then topped off with water. all.... day.... long.... I think I am pee'ing more now than when I was pregnant.... I made two healthy dinners this weekend. Both of which were amazing and both of which I have posted under my Recipes tab. You won't be disappointed if you try these meals! So, it has been smaller portions, not caving in to every single "BAD" food item I can get my hands on, light cardio and walking, breastfeeding, and the motivation to get that body back I had at 17 and could squat 300lbs, run 21min 3 miles, and had a completely toned stomach.... Ok well, maybe not 17... Maybe more like 23 or 24.... Back when I weighed 120-130.... But honestly I will be happy to just lose 9 more lbs. 143, where I was when I found out we were expecting. I was happy and healthy and not stressed out. In all honesty, since moving to NC 4 years ago I have put on 20lbs! (29lbs now including the leftover baby weight). It's so much more laid back here, not a whole lot of hussle and bussle.... Back in Cali I was ALWAYS on the go, between work, family, friends, party's, get-togethers, bonfires, beach trips, you flippin name it! Sigh.... I do miss California at times. Now my motivation stems from my husband. He is a fitness and health nut. His body looks good year round. (I'm not complaining, I'm just use to letting go around the holiday's... hahaha... And I'm not use to having someone else be the "pretty one" in the relationship, hahaha). He's going to help motivate me and he's already been working on keeping me in line food wise too. My own personal trainer. ;) hehehe. I'm still only 3 weeks postpartum so I cannot do a whole lot. Walking, legs and butt exercises that minimally use my tummy muscles is what I have been doing. I'm not allowed to lift and do tummy workouts just yet, but when I am I will be more than ready!

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  1. You've so got this!!! I love that you're challenging yourself to be your "happy" weight.

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