06 June 2013

Busier than a bee?!?

17 days left until we can start moving into our new house. I say "start" because I have my doubts that we will move completely out and in within one day. One day because my husband has to be into work the following day. No time off from training to move and no leave given for a PCA. 

My plan: get a majority/all of the "oh my gawd my back is breaking" heavy stuff loaded up on Saturday and haul it over and unload Sunday. 

While this may seem weird to not just move it ALL at once, the kiddos and I are going to still be at our current home for a little while longer. I'll need to go through the house and make sure everything on the list/lists (yes, I keep finding more that needs to be done and piling up stacks of paper with lists on them to make our house rental ready) has been completed, get all of the utilities turned off, have a cleaning service come through, and tie up any other loose ends that Murphy might like to throw my way at the last minute... 

I don't want to move, but I want to be closer to my husband, and we NEED more room!! I started packing last week... Our house started looking so empty, now it looks like a cardboard factory blew up, tied in with children's toys and random crap that needs to be gone through! 

I received estimates on our back patio extension (this will be done next week) and repainting our man-child's 1 red & 1 blue "Star Wars" walls, our small hallway, baseboards in the dining & living room, and the chair rail in the master... $650!!! WITH us providing the paint!!! WTF?!? Again, our house is not huge, so that price for doing nothing but taping off areas and rolling on some paint (not even primer) was a shocker to me! Looks like we'll be throwing our painting clothes on soon and sending the kids to the neighbors! :-/

Fence/Gate guy came out on Tuesday, was told I would have an estimate that night, it is now Thursday, and 1 voicemail and an email later, no response. A. I'm hoping nothing bad happened. B. If nothing bad happened why the hell have I not received any word? Obviously you do not want our business and are wasting what little damn time I have, next!

Between packing and preparing the house I find myself trying to remember the last diaper change time, the last snack, how long did he nap for, oh CRAP, the man-child needs to be picked up from school!!! This is while the husband is waking at 0400 to drive to work at 0500 or going in at 2000 to 0200 (with an hour drive to and from).

I write things down to remember, only to turn around looking for what I wrote and finding it under a pile of things getting packed or tossed out... Baby decides he's going to freak out because he's bored of watching me run around and wants to help (by tearing into everything) or be held WHILE I do everything.... Eeemmmm no. So he starts crying and as entertainment to myself I start imitating him and he starts laughing at me until I stop then he starts crying again... Really?!? Go play with your football dude. 

The man-child has been a big help about 92% of the time... The other 8% is the fact that he's grown tired of it all and is bored, needs a nap, or needs food... He is responsible for his room and has decided to pack up a large majority of his toys this week... I think that has a lot to do with the above ground pool we got for him and his friends to enjoy. 

While the point of the pool is to use it as a distraction/decoy to get them to stay outside so I can pack up more, check things off the list and continue feeling like I need to get the hell out of this chaotic moving mess and the children mess/living mess that still requires tending all while being slowly buried alive in bins and boxes! 

The organization I did have of everything has slowly become a can of silly string let loose... Somehow this will all fall in line together, right?!? If not I may have to hit up Hot Topic for a straightjacket and ask directions to the nearest ROUNDED padded room because boxed shaped anything will have become my conscience nightmare.... 

Something I MUST remember.... DO NOT wear flip flops while moving anything!!! Every damn time I do wear them when moving I drop something, trip, slip, get my feet and toes cut up, banged up and smashed! It never fails.... My husband looked at my legs the other day, when I decided to wear shorts since we were going out, he couldn't believe the amount of bruises on my legs. Some I know were caused by Baby B getting under my feet and rather than dropping a 50lbs+ bin on him I found ways to swing it around while landing in ways I'm sure would hurt more if not for the adrenalin rush of almost crushing the Baby. Who if course has now taken off laughing and looking back smiling with a look of "tag you're it, come and chase me now!" Yes, many bruises from that little monster as well as... Well, crud, I don't know. Everyone gets injured in different ways while moving right?!? Some just more than others... Especially someone who seems to have Murphy making my body his own puppet during moves... If I walk away from this with only minor cuts and bruises I will be lucky! If I actually WALK away without screwing up my already f'd up back I will be ecstatic!!! 

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  1. Haven't heard from you in awhile. Hope the moving is going well!!!


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