13 May 2013

May is for Moms: An Interview With My Mother

1. How did you feel the moment you found out you were pregnant with me?
Scared to death because I was I was so young, a mere child myself. But frankly once I felt you growing inside me I was truly excited.

2. Was I a wonderful surprise or carefully planned?
You were a wonderful surprise. I wouldn't have been scared had you been planned.

3. What was the most challenging time in my childhood? Why?
Teenage years were the most challenging. Because you were growing into a young woman, independent, and extremely hard headed at times. There were times I saw so much of me in you it scared me.

4. Did you worry more about me as a child or now that I am an adult?
As a child, I worried more because I was responsible for who you would become. I know I may have not always made the right choices but I see the wonderful woman you are today, and know I did something right. :)

5. What is one thing that you thought was deeply important when I was a baby that you now realize did not matter at all?
That when you became my age (19) you would take your time growing up, go to college, enjoy life, and travel the world before you settled down with a family.


  1. Beautiful pictures of you and your mom. And I loved this series and truly enjoyed reading all the answers here, too!! :)

  2. That's so sweet! I love that interview, what A great idea for next Mother's day!!

  3. Such a great post. Your mom looks like a sister. :)


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