23 June 2012

I'm SO Excited (and I just can't hide it!!!)

Woke up today with a smile on my face! :) It is 4 days, count 'em 4 days, until I get to be back home in NC with my hubby! Oh the wonderful feeling it will be to hold him kiss him and of course love all up on him after 28 days apart. Unfortunately a Do Not Disturb sign cannot be hung because we do have kidlets but we'll manage to work around that! ;)

As of today it is official, we will be spending the 4th of July in our Nation's Capital! D.C. here we come!!! I was seriously doing the happy dance after I booked our hotel room and got the dogs set up at their kennel! This is my all time favorite holiday (yes, even more than Christmas)! And to be in D.C. for it is a check off my "Bucket List". We both agreed to do so this year because next year there is a possibility that we will be stationed on the west coast. (Fingers crossed!) Unfortunately, Jacob will be spending it with his dad... :( I love that he gets to spend time with him but this is a holiday I have not had the opportunity to spend with him in two (now three) years. He has been spending the past two summers in Cali with both sides of his family...  

Today I get my Jakester back from his dad's parents. I missed my little boogerbutt!!! It's only been a week and I saw him for a few minutes on Thursday but even then it seems like he has grown up beyond recognition! 

Tomorrow the kiddos and I will be heading out to my Grandparents a few cities over to visit! It will be great catching up with them, having them see how big Jake has gotten and meet their new great-grandchild!

Monday mom wants to go get pictures taken with me, my little brother and my boys. Ugggg.... Picture days always seem to be like pulling teeth with my oldest and trying to get myself ready and the kids for this is always a "fun time". Anyone else ever have to threaten to take items away from their child if they don't behave for pictures? Hahaha! Let's hope the baby cooperates, can't exactly threaten to not give him the boob if he gets fussy. ;) After that I'll be meeting up with my girlfriend to hang out, have lunch and maybe walk around one of the "real" malls out here.

Tuesday will be a day for relaxing and enjoying the parents pool before having to leave the next day.

Wednesday.... We fly out with a layover in Vegas.... Yes Vegas! Think they'll let me play a few rounds of 21 with a baby in my arms and kid in tow? Yea, you're right, probably not... Damn... I miss playing that game! After that it is straight into Raleigh and then Home Sweet Home!

I am looking forward to getting home and taking the kiddos to the beach, mine and my friend Britni's! Oh how I love her son and daughter as though they are my own! I'm hoping that since I am now a SAHM I can do all the fun activities that I used to do with my mom and brothers during the summer when I was growing up. Beach, aquariums, water parks, theme parks, museums, movies, etc etc.... And then during the bad weather days (because it is NC and it rains there, like it is now, more often than SoCal) we'll do arts and crafts and play board games, build legos, battle each other at video games and so on. :)

July 2nd is the start of the Battle of the Blondes 30 day Shakeology weight loss competition! I've got my work out challenge pack heading to the house as we speak! I chose the vegan Tropical Strawberry Shakeology and have heard nothing but amazing reviews on that and the fitness program that I chose. Shaun T be nice to me please! ;) My GF Darby is our team leader and there is a private Facebook group that they have set up so we can add our before, during and after photos to and maintain accountability and motivation for it!!! I AM STOKED!!! I also found another spouse through the Kreative Blogger Award that is a former fitness coach and has a 3 1/2-4 month daughter and looks AMAZING! She shares all her work out plans, meal plans, and motivation for free now that she has her baby and is completing her law degree! So awesome!! I admire this lady! Mi Todo is her blog if you want to check it out too! You won't regret it! :)

Off to try and nap while the baby is still napping and before the older man-child gets picked up. Have a Fab weekend!


  1. I hope you enjoy your last few days home visiting family. I recently went to DC and loved it, it to was on my 30 before 30 list.
    Hey by the way I'm down in South C, if you ever make it down this way you'll have to let me know, we're stationed at Ft. J.

  2. Hope you had fun in DC for the 4th! I wanted to go into town soooooooooo sooooo bad..but hubby was working late and I just couldn't hack that by myself with the three kiddos.


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