23 September 2011

What's In A Name?

So many names to choose from for both boys and girls.... We know for sure if we have a boy his first name will be Micheal, Alex's middle name. Still deciding on middle name(s). I'm fond of Michael Richard Raymond Butta. Has both of our father's names in there... Long, I know, but it's a work in progress. :) Now for a girl..... OY! No impact no idea.... :-/ For years I've been drawn to the names Anatolia and Renee. Now with more time to think about it there are several more names I like.... Alexis, Alyssa, Alina, Alexandria, Cherish, Jessica, Kylie, Kaitlynn, Kaitlin, Larissa, Mackenzie, Skylar, Sophia, Vanessa.... Those are the ones from the top of my head that I can think of.... I'm sure if I flip through a few baby name books I'll be adding to the list over time.... The girl name topic has not been discussed yet in our house and with him leaving next week it will probably wait until his return at the end of the year. :) (At least there is only one baby inside, I was having some crazy dreams about twins and triplets, Yikes!!!!!)

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