21 August 2011

Quitters Never Prosper... Unless....

Day 7 now of the anti-smoking ban I've started on myself. The first few days were absolutely terrible, and A received the brunt of it, later to follow with tears of apologies flowing from me. Funny how something so dangerous and most times a relief can hook you and make you it's captor. I've been smoking for 9 years now, with breaks in between, (finding out I was pregnant with Jake + 3months after having him and a short time frame when I almost died from a clot in my lung, yea that was stressful and started up again shortly after). Now, I will master this, and put the extra $150-$180 a month away or get something nice for myself as a reward. :)) Yes, I was a pack a day, sometimes more, smoker. After adding the cost, that's the range it landed in for any given month. My sword against it all... Red Vines and Trident gum. No patch, no gum, no pill. So I guess it would be considered, Cold Turkey. When I do things I go big, even if it is the most stressful way, I tend to work a hell of a lot better under stress, time crunches & pressure. All with leading results of A for Awesome :p
Our man child will be home today {YAY}, let an additional stress (one that I definitely do not mind) be added to the mix!  

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