19 August 2011

Just the beginning...

Years ago, through freeopendiary, I developed a "blog", which is now, I'm sure, gone and deleted as it had become a desolated item to me. Here I am, now, starting this, not exactly sure where to or how to start, but figured this would be a nice way to keep more in depth updates for the family across the country (aside from facebook status'), seek advice and find helpful tidbits with cooking, children, home improvements, and the blog world in general.
While my title has Marine Wife in it, we are not married... Yet. :) As of today it is 2 weeks until we will join our hands in marriage, even though our hearts are already there. The decision to do so this year instead of next year came about last month when we found he'll be deploying mid next month and may be called upon for other operations next summer. So there we were, stuck trying to plan our wedding day not knowing when or if he would even be able to make it. :)) The decision came down to doing so while it was still warm (beach weddings in the winter can be a bit too chilly) and during a time we knew FOR SURE he would be home, Sept 2nd 2011, is the big day. His family will be attending from Chicago and my father will be coming in from California. My bff Carrissa from here will be there as my MoH. And our little boy will be carrying the rings. Excited is an understatement with how everything has come together so perfectly!
 In D.C. with his family      

                                                          My <3's at the Aquarium

The only issue I'm currently having with it.... Is deciding on having my hair half up/down or all up... :p He's requested half up/down.

Not a whole lot of difference except for the bangs on the second one. It does tend to be a bit windy down there so I guess it will depend on how the weather is and what "hair mood" I'm in that day. :) While basically everything is done and ready for our big day (still have to get the males attire of white button shirts and khaki cargo shorts) the house is still driving me bonkers I have been trying to get it ready for his family and my daddy's first visit to our home, well, what will be our home for at least another 2 years. :) We have renovated so much of it and I think it has come a looooong way, but now it is just the proper placement of the small things and all I want to do is throw it all into a box and cram it into the attic so we do not have to bother with it.... {It may just come down to this in the end, lol}.

I own a '67 Chevelle that I was hoping to have completed before hand so my dad would get to cruise in it, but the issue for the past month has been getting a new radiator :( A bit too pricey with everything going on and the amount that was spent on the engine overhaul last month alone {gasp!}.
Currently, our little boy is in California visiting the family and has been there since last month. I miss him so much, but he will be home in 2 days!! Yay!! And still there are a number of things to accomplish in his room since we turned it into a Star Wars room while he was away. (Not that it will really last all neatly set up with his Star Wars figures and so on, but it will make for a cool picture when finished. And I am a random/not so random photographer. Love tracking our life's stories through pictures.)  :) So, when he gets home he will be quiet happy with his new room he's been asking for for over a year. :)  Lots to do in little time! But we'll get through it all with the espresso machine hooked up to us like an IV!

Hello Blog World, Welcome to our big piece of the pie!! :)

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  1. I am so excited that you started a blog! Blogs are so wonderful for family that lives out of town! I used to be good about updating mine, so I want to thank you for motivating me to update mine.

    And WHAT?! Married in TWO WEEKS?! I am so very happy for you and Alex! I can tell that you've found true happiness, and I'm excited for your future together! You deserve a fairy tale! After all, you've found your prince! ;)

    Ha, I like how you are concerned about how to wear your hair. Let's be honest not matter how you wear it you are going to be one hot bride!

    Congrats! And welcome to the blogger world! I can't wait to follow your blog!


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