08 March 2013

Ramble Along with Ramblings of a Southern Belle

I'm so happy to introduce you to one of my wonderful EGA sponsors Tiffany from Ramblings of a Southern Belle! This amazing mama and wifey does it all! Shows off today's latest fashions, sings, writes music, hunts, refabs old furniture, is a woman of God and oh so much more!

I had the honor of interviewing her!!! I just had to find out more details about her beautiful life, favs, fashion loves AND she even provided a video of her singing!!!!! WHOA.... Beeeeautiful voice! I really want to hear more! Here I had thought that I was a shoe lover... Wait to you read how many pairs she has! I may have to go raid her closet... And her favorite rifle.... Makes me smile! It is my fav too!

Tiffany is an absolute doll, beautiful inside and out! I am so happy to have virtually met her and have her not just as a sponsor but now a wonderful new bloggy friend.  
Be sure to stop by today for her "Fashionista Friday" (gorgeous trends) & show her some Southern Hospitality.   

1. Having a birthday 11 days after Valentine's Day~ do you combine the two or celebrate them individually? How did/will you celebrate this year?  
Nope...we never combine special days.  My son was born the day before Valentine's day...so February is a busy month.  This year my darling husband took me out to dinner, gave me an amazing card I will cherish for the rest of my life and a Hello Kitty stationery set.  Now before you say "WHAT?" isn't that for kids?  Let me give you the back story.  When we took my son to dinner for his birthday we were all talking about presents...and I told the story of how when I was in elementary school, each year for Christmas we'd bring a gift and you'd draw a number for a girls "gift" and every single...I MEAN EVERY SINGLE YEAR...I got the dang bubble bath...I hated it!  All of my friends got the really cool Hello Kitty stuff...with the tiny crayons, pencils, papers...and I got the dang bubble bath...I was bummed every year. (now...this is back when Hello Kitty first began...so the stuff was AMAZINGLY COOL...it's still cool...but still...lol)  So...the fact that my husband took note of that and chose to get me a Hello Kitty set...was in a word...AWESOME!  He paid attention...I was impressed...and I even wrote his love note for his lunch on the paper! :o)

2. If you could choose one getaway, where would you go?   
 Well..I'm gonna have to disobey you and give TWO...lol!  One is a life changing trip...the other is a life exploration trip.  First...the life changing trip...to the Holy Land!  My Momma's going in a few days...I'm so jealous!  She is to be baptized in the river Jordan...wow...I can't even imagine how amazing that will be!  I told her not to even pack mascara, because as soon as she begins the tours she will cry the entire time!  I know I would!  Now the life exploration trip...would be to Ireland.  It's where my people come from, and I would LOVE to find the headstones and possibly track down distant relatives...that would be amazing!

3. You have a keen eye for fashion, what is your favorite clothing item? (NOT shoes, we'll get to those). 
  My favorite clothing item is my Miss Me jeans...I love love love them!  They can go dressy or casual...they are a must in my wardrobe!

4. SHOES!!! Flats, pumps, boots, sandals, flip flops, slippers, wedges.... Be honest, HOW many pairs do you have and which (i'll give you 2) 2 pairs are your fav?  
  Ok...to be honest...I have to go count...hang on...OMGosh...I have 82 pairs of shoes!  WHEW!  My 2 favorite pairs...ummm...my Michael Kors and my black knee high leather boots....and my....oh crap...only two....sigh....

5. So you hunt..... :) Obviously a woman who is comfortable with a weapon (and stylin') what is your favorite rifle or gun?  
Remmington 742 Semi-Automatic 30-06.  AND I LOVE IT!  The guys at the lease are always making comments..."That is too much rifle for a girl" "She needs a smaller rifle" but they shut up when I bag the biggest game!  So HEH! LOL!

6. I read your B4 I'm Toe Up page.... A real wedding... Tell us about your dream wedding. (Many of us MilSO's never get a "real" wedding of every friend and family member in the books.)  
Really my dream wedding isn't that fancy schmancy...ok...maybe a little bit.  I want a re-vamped 1920's flapper style wedding dress with a long veil, pink roses, a huge wedding cake, dancing, somewhere romantic...not a destination wedding...just somewhere romantic locally...but honestly...the real reason I want a REAL wedding...is to get married by a man of God...not a Justice of the Peace.  That is what we did...I found my dress at 5 7 9 and we took our son and some family members to the courthouse and we had a quickie wedding.  That is one of my biggest regrets.  OH and we honeymooned at Astroworld (used to be a local theme park)....sigh. 

7. You look FAR too young to have an almost 24 yr old son... How was it being the only woman in the house (outnumbered by your son & husband)? Please tell, as I'm a tomboy too, but these guys here, they can drive me batty sometimes!!  
  Oh thank you thank you thank you! :o)  Actually I have two FEMALE shelties...so we outnumber the boys! LOL!  Nah...the guys are great...they give me my space...although sometimes it is a slamming door in their face...lol!  Just kidding...ok....not kidding...lol!  I love being the only woman in the house...we are such a close family...it doesn't bother me.  Am I weird? Ok....that is beside the point! LOL!

8. What are your biggest fears?  
Wow...this is one question that gives me the heeby jeebies!  Losing someone I love.  Compared to all of my other fears...that one...well...that one has kept me up at night, has had me bawling at funerals and my heart aches for the loss of the ones I have lost.  The only comfort I find in it...I will be with them one day in Heaven.

9. Singing, Songs, Lyrics..... Favorite place to sing, favorite song that puts you in a dancing mood, lyrics that touch your heart.   
I write songs...I love to write songs.  I sing EVERYWHERE...shower, cleaning, laundry, outside.  My favorite song is "I Can Only Imagine".  And Iove dance music too!  I actually used to not let anyone hear me sing...then one day...we got our little Peanut (female sheltie) she was covered in fleas when we got her, and being her new Mommy I couldn't stand it...so I gave her a bath.  What I didn't know until halfway through the bath was my son was video taping me...I put it up on youtube to show off my sheltie and I was SHOCKED at how many people commented on my voice.  Later on I went and joined my Church Choir which was great for a while but I felt my calling elsewhere...went to a music school to learn to write, play, sing and record my own songs...now my family and I are attending a new Church and if we decide to join, I've been asked to join the worship team...that is my dream!

10. What do you do and where do you go for you time?  
I don't really have ME time...lol!  I'm usually so busy...but when I do find time I like to write lyrics, play my piano, read my bible and of course...blog.

Tiffany, Thank You so much love for finding your way to me! I cannot express how much I look forward to getting to know you more!
You can also find Tif's Rambles & loves at


  1. Hi! 82 pair of shoes...Wow! Mostly I just hang out in my sneakers! Thanks for hosting!

  2. Found you on the Weekend Social Mix Blog Hop. I am your newest follower on your blog site would love for you to follow me back. Thanks :) Feel free to Like or Follow me on my other media sites!!!



  3. Wow 82 pairs of shoes! I think I own 5 pairs of shoes. And I mainly only wear my Sketchers everywhere. I cannot walk in heels to save my life.

  4. 82 pairs.... We (my teenage girls and I) took 2 very large boxes of shoes to the Goodwill when we cleaned out the closets a while back... and still I refuse to even try to actually count how many pairs we still have left. My favorite pair is knee high black lace up high heel boots:) LOL! Love it! Swinging through with the Blog hop. Already following both of you:) Check out my new site @ www.feelingtheemptynest.com when you have time. Thanks:)


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