25 October 2011

When mommy is sick.... The world as we know it ends.

I am one of those girls that can catch a bug at the drop of a hat. You would think having worked with children before my immune system would be All Mighty and Powerful, I wish. And now with being prego my body is working full throttle with very small rubber pads for brakes. While being sick (and hubby deployed) I am left as the go to fun person in the house, my work still needs to be attended to (even though they send me home because I look and sound awful), house cleanings still need to take place (even more so with germs being spread throughout), and REST needs to take place (easier said than done). The second I stat feeling the slightest bit better I'm up and running full sprint, only to have an absolute total cataclysmic disaster of fever, chills, nose and eyes running/watering seconds after I took off to complete one of a hundred taskers on my daily to-do list.
Weekend sickness is by far the worse. Mommy play with me, mommy, I want to go out and play, mommy, mommy, mommy.... All the while I am stuffing tissues up my nostrils to prevent any leakage while trying to prepare something quick, easy and edible for the man-child to eat. So I take him out and run a few errands at the same time and then pay for it dearly with lack of sleep due to not being able to breathe. The cycle starts again Sunday. Monday comes and it is off to school and off to work for me, finish up the major taskers for classes, update the database and excuse myself to my warm comfy bed. Toss and turn, sweat, go through an entire tissue box, be woken up by the plumber who I'd forgotten was coming to install the new dishwasher, lay on couch while installation takes place, pick up man-child from day-care, come home and realize I should clean my bedding, feed and get the boy to bed, and wait for bedding to to dry..... Put it on, stuff tissue up one nostril and attempt to sleep. Tuesday (today) wake up with another large pile of well used tissues on the floor beside the bed, get Jake up for school only to hear sneezing, coughing and see that look of sunken eyes and pale face. No school for the sick boy, no work for the sick mommy. We enjoyed a cup of warm tea together, gave him some meds, went over his math problems and reading book, and he laid himself down to relax. But like mommy, the second he started feeling better he's asking to go do this and that, and that and this.... LOL. That lasted all about an hour until he started sneezing more. Now he's relaxing again, as I should be, and as I will be here as soon as I get him fed.

Baby B is doing well. I was able to listen to it's heart beat (153) on Friday when they told me I have strep throat.... If it is not one thing it is another. Yet each of the battles are always overcome and am so thankful that I still get to hear from my hubby as often as I do during his deployment. Less than 60 days and he "should" be home! Crossing my fingers and coming up with different ideas for a Welcome Home sign for little man and I to make here at home :))

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